Commit 780f8cd7 authored by Heiko Becker's avatar Heiko Becker
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Fix regression test

parent d620d76e
INCLUDES = $(HOLDIR)/examples/machine-code/hoare-triple ../../hol4 ../../hol4/Infra
ifdef POLY
HOLHEAP = heap
all: $(HOLHEAP)
THYFILES = $(patsubst %Script.sml,%Theory.uo,$(wildcard *.sml))
TARGETS = $(patsubst %.sml,%.uo,$(THYFILES))
all: $(TARGETS)
.PHONY: all
BARE_THYS = BasicProvers Defn HolKernel Parse Tactic monadsyntax \
alistTheory arithmeticTheory bagTheory boolLib boolSimps bossLib \
combinTheory dep_rewrite finite_mapTheory indexedListsTheory lcsymtacs \
listTheory llistTheory markerLib realTheory realLib RealArith\
optionTheory pairLib pairTheory pred_setTheory \
quantHeuristicsLib relationTheory res_quanTheory rich_listTheory \
sortingTheory sptreeTheory stringTheory sumTheory wordsTheory \
simpLib realTheory realLib RealArith
DEPS = $(patsubst %,%.uo,$(BARE_THYS1)) $(PARENTHEAP)
$(protect $(HOLDIR)/bin/buildheap) -o $(HOLHEAP) $(BARE_THYS)
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