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Require Import Vbase job task util_lemmas
ssreflect ssrbool eqtype ssrnat seq fintype bigop.
(* Definitions and properties of job arrival sequences. *)
Module ArrivalSequence.
(* Let time be the set of natural numbers. *)
Definition time := nat.
(* Next, we define a job arrival sequence (can be infinite). *)
Section ArrivalSequenceDef.
(* Given any job type with decidable equality, ... *)
Variable Job: eqType.
(* ..., an arrival sequence is a mapping from time to a sequence of jobs. *)
Definition arrival_sequence := time -> seq Job.
End ArrivalSequenceDef.
(* Note that Job denotes the universe of all possible jobs.
In order to distinguish jobs of different arrival sequences, next we
define a subtype of Job called JobIn. *)
Section JobInArrivalSequence.
Context {Job: eqType}.
(* Whether a job arrives in a particular sequence at time t *)
Definition arrives_at (j: Job) (arr_seq: arrival_sequence Job) (t: time) :=
j \in arr_seq t.
(* A job j of type (JobIn arr_seq) is a job that arrives at some particular
time in arr_seq. It holds the arrival time and a proof of arrival. *)
Record JobIn (arr_seq: arrival_sequence Job) : Type :=
_job_in: Job;
_arrival_time: time; (* arrival time *)
_: arrives_at _job_in arr_seq _arrival_time (* proof of arrival *)
(* Define a coercion that states that every JobIn is a Job. *)
Coercion JobIn_is_Job {arr_seq: arrival_sequence Job} (j: JobIn arr_seq) :=
_job_in arr_seq j.
(* Define job arrival time as that time that the job arrives (only works for JobIn). *)
Definition job_arrival {arr_seq: arrival_sequence Job} (j: JobIn arr_seq) :=
_arrival_time arr_seq j.
(* Finally, we assume a decidable equality for JobIn. We don't care about
its definition. It's just to make JobIn compatible with ssreflect. *)
Definition f (arr_seq: arrival_sequence Job) :=
(fun j1 j2: JobIn arr_seq => (JobIn_is_Job j1) == (JobIn_is_Job j2)).
Axiom eqn_jobin : forall arr_seq, Equality.axiom (f arr_seq).
Canonical jobin_eqMixin arr_seq := EqMixin (eqn_jobin arr_seq).
Canonical jobin_eqType arr_seq := Eval hnf in EqType (JobIn arr_seq) (jobin_eqMixin arr_seq).
End JobInArrivalSequence.
(* A valid arrival sequence must satisfy some properties. *)
Section ArrivalSequenceProperties.
Context {Job: eqType}.
Variable arr_seq: arrival_sequence Job.
(* The same job j cannot arrive at two different times. *)
Definition no_multiple_arrivals :=
forall (j: Job) t1 t2,
arrives_at j arr_seq t1 -> arrives_at j arr_seq t2 -> t1 = t2.
(* The sequence of arrivals at a particular time has no duplicates. *)
Definition arrival_sequence_is_a_set := forall t, uniq (arr_seq t).
End ArrivalSequenceProperties.
(* Next, we define whether a job has arrived in an interval. *)
Section ArrivingJobs.
Context {Job: eqType}.
Context {arr_seq: arrival_sequence Job}.
Variable j: JobIn arr_seq.
(* A job has arrived at time t iff it arrives at some time t_0, with 0 <= t_0 <= t. *)
Definition has_arrived (t: nat) := job_arrival j <= t.
(* A job arrived before t iff it arrives at some time t_0, with 0 <= t_0 < t. *)
Definition arrived_before (t: nat) := job_arrival j < t.
(* A job arrives between t1 and t2 iff it arrives at some time t with t1 <= t < t2. *)
Definition arrived_between (t1 t2: nat) := t1 <= job_arrival j < t2.
End ArrivingJobs.
End ArrivalSequence.
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