Commit d64e731f authored by Felipe Cerqueira's avatar Felipe Cerqueira
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Remove unnecessary assumption in count [exists ...] lemma

parent c6e45848
......@@ -983,10 +983,9 @@ Lemma count_exists :
forall (T: eqType) (l: seq T) n (P: T -> 'I_n -> bool),
uniq l ->
(forall y x1 x2, P x1 y -> P x2 y -> x1 = x2) ->
(forall x y1 y2, P x y1 -> P x y2 -> y1 = y2) ->
count (fun (y: T) => [exists x in 'I_n, P y x]) l <= n.
intros T l n P UNIQ INJ FUN.
intros T l n P UNIQ INJ.
induction n.
apply leq_trans with (n := count pred0 l); last by rewrite count_pred0.
......@@ -1008,11 +1007,6 @@ Proof.
intros y x1 x2 P1 P2.
by specialize (INJ (widen_ord (leqnSn n) y) x1 x2 P1 P2).
intros x y1 y2 P1 P2.
specialize (FUN x (widen_ord (leqnSn n) y1) (widen_ord (leqnSn n) y2) P1 P2).
by inversion FUN; apply ord_inj.
apply count_pred_inj; first by done.
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