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Proofs broken - foldl

parent 97dc173f
......@@ -288,18 +288,27 @@ Module ResponseTimeAnalysis.
(* Assume that for any interfering task, a response-time
bound R_other is known. *)
Hypothesis H_response_time_of_interfering_tasks_is_known:
Hypothesis H_all_interfering_tasks_in_hp_bounds:
[seq tsk_hp <- ts | interferes_with_tsk tsk_hp] = unzip1 hp_bounds.
Lemma exists_R :
forall hp_tsk,
hp_tsk \in ts ->
interferes_with_tsk hp_tsk ->
exists R,
(hp_tsk, R) \in hp_bounds.
intros hp_tsk IN INTERF.
rewrite -[hp_bounds]zip_unzip; apply exists_unzip2.
by rewrite zip_unzip -H_all_interfering_tasks_in_hp_bounds mem_filter; apply/andP.
Hypothesis H_response_time_of_interfering_tasks_is_known2:
forall hp_tsk R,
(hp_tsk, R) \in hp_bounds ->
is_response_time_bound_of_task job_cost job_task hp_tsk rate sched R.
(* Assume that the response-time bounds are larger than task costs. *)
Hypothesis H_response_time_bounds_ge_cost:
forall hp_tsk R,
......@@ -354,8 +363,8 @@ Module ResponseTimeAnalysis.
H_valid_job_parameters into PARAMS,
H_valid_task_parameters into TASK_PARAMS,
H_restricted_deadlines into RESTR,
H_response_time_of_interfering_tasks_is_known into ALLHP,
H_response_time_of_interfering_tasks_is_known2 into RESP,
H_all_interfering_tasks_in_hp_bounds into FST,
H_interfering_tasks_miss_no_deadlines into NOMISS,
H_rate_equals_one into RATE,
H_global_scheduling_invariant into INVARIANT,
......@@ -403,7 +412,7 @@ Module ResponseTimeAnalysis.
move => tsk_k /andP [INk INTERk] R_k HPk.
unfold x, workload_bound; rewrite INk INTERk andbT.
exploit (ALLHP tsk_k); [by ins | by ins | intro INhp; des].
exploit (exists_R tsk_k); [by ins | by ins | intro INhp; des].
apply leq_trans with (n := workload job_task rate sched tsk_k
(job_arrival j) (job_arrival j + R)).
......@@ -692,19 +701,14 @@ Module ResponseTimeAnalysis.
rewrite (eq_bigr (fun i => minn (x (fst i)) (R - task_cost tsk + 1)));
last by ins; destruct i.
rewrite (bigID (fun i => (fst i \in ts) && interferes_with_tsk (fst i))) /=.
rewrite -[\sum_(_ <- _) _]addn0; apply leq_add; last by ins.
apply leq_trans with (n := \sum_(tsk_k <- ts | interferes_with_tsk tsk_k) minn (x tsk_k) (R - task_cost tsk + 1)).
rewrite [\sum_(_ <- _ | interferes_with_tsk _)_]big_mkcond eq_leq //.
apply eq_bigr; intros i _; unfold x.
by destruct (interferes_with_tsk i); rewrite ?andbT ?andbF ?min0n.
have MAP := big_map (fun x => fst x) (fun i => (i \in ts) && interferes_with_tsk i) (fun i => minn (x i) (R - task_cost tsk + 1)).
rewrite -MAP -big_filter -[\sum_(_ <- [seq fst x0 | x0 <- _] | _)_]big_filter; clear MAP.
apply leq_sum_subseq; rewrite subseq_filter; apply/andP; split;
first by apply/allP; intro i; rewrite mem_filter andbC.
have MAP := big_map (fun x => fst x) (fun i => true) (fun i => minn (x i) (R - task_cost tsk + 1)).
by unfold unzip1 in *; rewrite -MAP -FST -big_filter.
apply ltn_div_trunc with (d := num_cpus);
first by apply H_at_least_one_cpu.
......@@ -582,6 +582,22 @@ Proof.
by apply SORT; rewrite mem_rcons in_cons; apply/orP; left.
Lemma exists_unzip2 :
forall {T1 T2: eqType} (l: seq (T1 * T2)) x (IN: x \in (unzip1 l)),
exists y, (x, y) \in l.
intros T1 T2 l; induction l as [| (x', y') l']; first by ins.
intros x IN; simpl in IN.
rewrite in_cons in IN; move: IN => /orP [/eqP HEAD | TAIL];
first by subst x'; exists y'; rewrite in_cons; apply/orP; left.
specialize (IHl' x TAIL); des; exists y.
by rewrite in_cons; apply/orP; right.
(*Program Definition fun_ord_to_nat2 {n} {T} (x0: T) (f: 'I_n -> T)
(x : nat) : T :=
match (x < n) with
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