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Refactor EDF computation

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......@@ -711,6 +711,28 @@ Proof.
Lemma mem_zip_exists :
forall (T T': eqType) (x1: T) (x2: T') l1 l2 elem elem',
size l1 = size l2 ->
(x1, x2) \in zip l1 l2 ->
exists idx,
idx < size l1 /\
idx < size l2 /\
x1 = nth elem l1 idx /\
x2 = nth elem' l2 idx.
intros T T' x1 x2 l1 l2 elem elem' SIZE IN.
assert (LT: index (x1, x2) (zip l1 l2) < size l1).
apply leq_trans with (n := size (zip l1 l2)); first by rewrite index_mem.
by rewrite size_zip; apply geq_minl.
have NTH := @nth_index _ (elem,elem') (x1, x2) (zip l1 l2) IN.
rewrite nth_zip in NTH; last by done.
inversion NTH; rewrite H1 H0; rewrite H0 in H1.
by exists (index (x1, x2) (zip l1 l2)); repeat split; try (by done); rewrite -?SIZE.
Definition no_intersection {T: eqType} (l1 l2: seq T) :=
~~ has (mem l1) l2.
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