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......@@ -14,9 +14,6 @@ Module ResponseTimeIterationFP.
Variable higher_eq_priority: fp_policy.
Hypothesis H_valid_policy: valid_fp_policy higher_eq_priority.
(* Consider a task set ts. *)
Variable ts: sporadic_taskset.
(* Next we define the fixed-point iteration for computing
Bertogna's response-time bound for any task in ts. *)
......@@ -67,16 +64,19 @@ Module ResponseTimeIterationFP.
(* The schedulability test simply checks if we got a list of
response-time bounds (i.e., if the computation did not fail). *)
Definition fp_schedulability_test := R_list ts != None.
Definition fp_schedulability_test (ts: sporadic_taskset) :=
R_list ts != None.
Section AuxiliaryLemmas.
(* In this section, we prove several helper lemmas about the
list of response-time bounds, such as:
(1) Equality among tasks in R_list and in the task set.
(2) (tsk, R) \in R_list -> R <= task_deadline tsk.
(3) (tsk, R) \in R_list -> R >= task_cost tsk.
(4) per_task_rta <= deadline -> per_task_rta converges *)
(2) If (tsk, R) \in R_list, then R <= task_deadline tsk.
(3) If (tsk, R) \in R_list, then R >= task_cost tsk.
(4) If per_task_rta returns a bound <= deadline, then the
iteration reached a fixed-point. *)
Lemma R_list_rcons_prefix :
forall ts' hp_bounds tsk1 tsk2 R,
R_list (rcons ts' tsk1) = Some (rcons hp_bounds (tsk2, R)) ->
......@@ -451,7 +451,13 @@ Module ResponseTimeIterationFP.
Section Proof.
(* Assume that higher_eq_priority is a total order over the task set. *)
(* Consider a task set ts. *)
Variable ts: sporadic_taskset.
(* Assume that higher_eq_priority is a total order.
Actually, it just needs to be total over the task set,
but to weaken the assumption, I have to re-prove many lemmas
about ordering in ssreflect. This can be done later. *)
Hypothesis H_reflexive: reflexive higher_eq_priority.
Hypothesis H_transitive: transitive higher_eq_priority.
Hypothesis H_unique_priorities: antisymmetric higher_eq_priority.
......@@ -640,7 +646,7 @@ Module ResponseTimeIterationFP.
(* Finally, we show that if the schedulability test suceeds, ...*)
Hypothesis H_test_passes: fp_schedulability_test.
Hypothesis H_test_passes: fp_schedulability_test ts.
(*..., then no task misses its deadline. *)
Theorem taskset_schedulable_by_fp_rta :
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