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Add proof of job interference without parallelism

parent 0582d634
......@@ -167,7 +167,9 @@ Module Interference.
End BasicLemmas.
Section EquivalenceTaskInterference.
(* If we assume no intra-task parallelism, the two definitions
of interference are the same. *)
Section EquivalenceWithPerJobInterference.
Hypothesis H_no_intratask_parallelism:
jobs_of_same_task_dont_execute_in_parallel job_task sched.
......@@ -196,9 +198,9 @@ Module Interference.
first by rewrite big_const_seq iter_addn mul0n addn0 addn0.
intros j1 _; desf; [rewrite andTb | by done].
apply/eqP; rewrite eqb0; apply/negP; unfold not; intro SCHEDULED'.
exploit (H_no_intratask_parallelism j0 j1 t).
apply (H_no_intratask_parallelism j0 j1 t); try (by done).
by move: Heq0 => /eqP Heq0; rewrite Heq0.
exploit (H_no_intratask_parallelism j0 j1 t); try (by done).
by move: Heq0 => /eqP EQtsk; rewrite EQtsk.
by intros EQj; rewrite EQj eq_refl in Heq.
rewrite mem_undup.
......@@ -228,7 +230,44 @@ Module Interference.
End EquivalenceTaskInterference.
End EquivalenceWithPerJobInterference.
(* If we don't assume intra-task parallelism, the per-job interference
bounds the actual interference. *)
Section BoundUsingPerJobInterference.
Lemma interference_le_interference_joblist :
forall tsk t1 t2,
task_interference tsk t1 t2 <= task_interference_joblist tsk t1 t2.
intros tsk t1 t2; unfold task_interference, task_interference_joblist, job_interference.
rewrite [\sum_(j <- jobs_scheduled_between _ _ _ | _) _]exchange_big /=.
rewrite big_nat_cond [\sum_(_ <= _ < _ | true)_]big_nat_cond.
apply leq_sum; intro t; rewrite andbT; intro LT.
destruct (job_is_backlogged t && task_is_scheduled tsk t) eqn:BACK;
last by done.
move: BACK => /andP [BACK SCHED].
move: SCHED => /existsP SCHED; destruct SCHED as [x IN]; move: IN => /andP [IN SCHED].
unfold schedules_job_of_tsk in SCHED; desf.
rename SCHED into EQtsk0, Heq into SCHED; move: EQtsk0 => /eqP EQtsk0.
rewrite big_mkcond (bigD1_seq j0) /=; last by rewrite undup_uniq.
rewrite -addn1 addnC; apply leq_add; last by done.
rewrite EQtsk0 eq_refl BACK andTb.
apply eq_leq; symmetry; apply/eqP; rewrite eqb1.
by apply/exists_inP; exists x; [by done | by rewrite SCHED].
unfold jobs_scheduled_between.
rewrite mem_undup.
apply mem_bigcat_nat with (j := t); first by done.
unfold jobs_scheduled_at.
apply mem_bigcat_ord with (j := x); first by apply ltn_ord.
by unfold make_sequence; rewrite SCHED mem_seq1 eq_refl.
End BoundUsingPerJobInterference.
Section CorrespondenceWithService.
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