Commit 03101ea9 authored by Felipe Cerqueira's avatar Felipe Cerqueira
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Improve theorem statement about response time bound

parent 11a82d9b
......@@ -599,11 +599,13 @@ Module ResponseTimeIterationFP.
Hypothesis H_global_scheduling_invariant:
FP_scheduling_invariant_holds job_cost job_task num_cpus rate sched ts higher_eq_priority.
Definition no_deadline_missed_by_task (tsk: sporadic_task) :=
Let no_deadline_missed_by_task (tsk: sporadic_task) :=
task_misses_no_deadline job_cost job_deadline job_task rate sched tsk.
Definition no_deadline_missed_by_job :=
Let no_deadline_missed_by_job :=
job_misses_no_deadline job_cost job_deadline rate sched.
Let response_time_bounded_by (tsk: sporadic_task) :=
is_response_time_bound_of_task job_cost job_task tsk rate sched.
(* In the following lemma, we prove that any response-time bound contained
in R_list is safe. The proof follows by induction on the task set:
......@@ -618,9 +620,7 @@ Module ResponseTimeIterationFP.
forall rt_bounds tsk R,
R_list ts = Some rt_bounds ->
(tsk, R) \in rt_bounds ->
forall j : JobIn arr_seq,
job_task j = tsk ->
completed job_cost rate sched j (job_arrival j + R).
response_time_bounded_by tsk R.
rename H_valid_job_parameters into JOBPARAMS, H_valid_task_parameters into TASKPARAMS,
H_restricted_deadlines into RESTR, H_completed_jobs_dont_execute into COMP,
......@@ -769,11 +769,12 @@ Module ResponseTimeIterationFP.
Theorem fp_schedulability_test_yields_response_time_bounds :
forall tsk,
tsk \in ts ->
exists R,
R <= task_deadline tsk /\
forall (j: JobIn arr_seq),
job_task j = tsk ->
completed job_cost rate sched j (job_arrival j + R).
if R_list ts is Some rt_bounds then
exists R,
(tsk, R) \in rt_bounds /\
R <= task_deadline tsk /\
response_time_bounded_by tsk R
else False.
intros tsk IN.
unfold fp_schedulable in *.
......@@ -783,7 +784,7 @@ Module ResponseTimeIterationFP.
destruct (R_list ts) as [rt_bounds |]; last by ins.
exploit (TASKS rt_bounds tsk); [by ins | clear TASKS; intro EX].
destruct EX as [EX _]; specialize (EX IN); des.
exists R; split.
exists R; repeat split; try (by done).
by apply DL with (rt_bounds0 := rt_bounds).
by ins; apply (BOUNDS rt_bounds tsk).
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