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Provide an Infinite typeclass and a generic implementation of Fresh.

See merge request robbertkrebbers/coq-stdpp!13
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......@@ -39,4 +39,5 @@ theories/list.v
......@@ -620,6 +620,9 @@ Section collection.
Proof. set_solver. Qed.
Lemma difference_disjoint X Y : X ## Y X Y X.
Proof. set_solver. Qed.
Lemma subset_difference_elem_of {x: A} {s: C} (inx: x s): s {[ x ]} s.
Proof. set_solver. Qed.
Lemma difference_mono X1 X2 Y1 Y2 :
X1 X2 Y2 Y1 X1 Y1 X2 Y2.
......@@ -284,3 +284,4 @@ Proof.
by rewrite set_Exists_elements.
End fin_collection.
(* Copyright (c) 2012-2017, Coq-std++ developers. *)
(* This file is distributed under the terms of the BSD license. *)
From stdpp Require Import pretty fin_collections relations prelude gmap.
(** The class [Infinite] axiomatizes types with infinitely many elements
by giving an injection from the natural numbers into the type. It is mostly
used to provide a generic [fresh] algorithm. *)
Class Infinite A :=
{ inject: nat A;
inject_injective:> Inj (=) (=) inject }.
Instance string_infinite: Infinite string := {| inject := λ x, "~" +:+ pretty x |}.
Instance nat_infinite: Infinite nat := {| inject := id |}.
Instance N_infinite: Infinite N := {| inject_injective := Nat2N.inj |}.
Instance pos_infinite: Infinite positive := {| inject_injective := SuccNat2Pos.inj |}.
Instance Z_infinite: Infinite Z := {| inject_injective := Nat2Z.inj |}.
Instance option_infinite `{Infinite A}: Infinite (option A) := {| inject := Some inject |}.
Program Instance list_infinite `{Inhabited A}: Infinite (list A) :=
{| inject := λ i, replicate i inhabitant |}.
Next Obligation.
intros * i j eqrep%(f_equal length).
rewrite !replicate_length in eqrep; done.
(** * Fresh elements *)
Section Fresh.
Context `{FinCollection A C} `{Infinite A, !RelDecision (@elem_of A C _)}.
Definition fresh_generic_body (s: C) (rec: s', s' s nat A) (n: nat) :=
let cand := inject n in
match decide (cand s) with
| left H => rec _ (subset_difference_elem_of H) (S n)
| right _ => cand
Lemma fresh_generic_body_proper s (f g: y, y s nat A):
( y Hy Hy', pointwise_relation nat eq (f y Hy) (g y Hy'))
pointwise_relation nat eq (fresh_generic_body s f) (fresh_generic_body s g).
intros relfg i.
unfold fresh_generic_body.
destruct decide; auto.
apply relfg.
Definition fresh_generic_fix u :=
Fix (wf_guard u collection_wf) (const (nat A)) fresh_generic_body.
Lemma fresh_generic_fixpoint_unfold u s n:
fresh_generic_fix u s n = fresh_generic_body s (λ s' _ n, fresh_generic_fix u s' n) n.
apply (Fix_unfold_rel (wf_guard u collection_wf)
(const (nat A)) (const (pointwise_relation nat (=)))
fresh_generic_body fresh_generic_body_proper s n).
Lemma fresh_generic_fixpoint_spec u s n:
m, n m fresh_generic_fix u s n = inject m inject m s i, n i < m inject i s.
revert n.
induction s as [s IH] using (well_founded_ind collection_wf); intro.
setoid_rewrite fresh_generic_fixpoint_unfold; unfold fresh_generic_body.
destruct decide as [case|case]; eauto with omega.
destruct (IH _ (subset_difference_elem_of case) (S n)) as [m [mbound [eqfix [notin inbelow]]]].
exists m; repeat split; auto with omega.
- rewrite not_elem_of_difference, elem_of_singleton in notin.
destruct notin as [?|?%inject_injective]; auto with omega.
- intros i ibound.
destruct (decide (i = n)) as [<-|neq]; auto.
enough (inject i s {[inject n]}) by set_solver.
apply inbelow; omega.
Instance fresh_generic: Fresh A C := λ s, fresh_generic_fix 20 s 0.
Instance fresh_generic_spec: FreshSpec A C.
- apply _.
- intros * eqXY.
unfold fresh, fresh_generic.
destruct (fresh_generic_fixpoint_spec 20 X 0)
as [mX [_ [-> [notinX belowinX]]]].
destruct (fresh_generic_fixpoint_spec 20 Y 0)
as [mY [_ [-> [notinY belowinY]]]].
destruct (Nat.lt_trichotomy mX mY) as [case|[->|case]]; auto.
+ contradict notinX; rewrite eqXY; apply belowinY; omega.
+ contradict notinY; rewrite <- eqXY; apply belowinX; omega.
- intro.
unfold fresh, fresh_generic.
destruct (fresh_generic_fixpoint_spec 20 X 0)
as [m [_ [-> [notinX belowinX]]]]; auto.
End Fresh.
......@@ -221,3 +221,16 @@ Lemma Fix_F_proper `{R : relation A} (B : A → Type) (E : ∀ x, relation (B x)
(x : A) (acc1 acc2 : Acc R x) :
E _ (Fix_F B F acc1) (Fix_F B F acc2).
Proof. revert x acc1 acc2. fix 2. intros x [acc1] [acc2]; simpl; auto. Qed.
Lemma Fix_unfold_rel `{R: relation A} (wfR: wf R) (B: A Type) (E: x, relation (B x))
(F: x, ( y, R y x B y) B x)
(HF: (x: A) (f g: y, R y x B y),
( y Hy Hy', E _ (f y Hy) (g y Hy')) E _ (F x f) (F x g))
(x: A):
E _ (Fix wfR B F x) (F x (λ y _, Fix wfR B F y)).
unfold Fix.
destruct (wfR x); cbn.
apply HF; intros.
apply Fix_F_proper; auto.
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