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prove that we can pick a fresh location

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......@@ -117,3 +117,20 @@ Notation gset K := (mapset (gmap K)).
Instance gset_dom `{Countable K} {A} : Dom (gmap K A) (gset K) := mapset_dom.
Instance gset_dom_spec `{Countable K} :
FinMapDom K (gmap K) (gset K) := mapset_dom_spec.
(** * Fresh positive *)
Definition Gfresh {A} (m : gmap positive A) : positive :=
Pfresh $ gmap_car m.
Lemma Gfresh_fresh {A} (m : gmap positive A) : m !! Gfresh m = None.
Proof. destruct m as [[]]. apply Pfresh_fresh; done. Qed.
Instance Gset_fresh : Fresh positive (gset positive) := λ X,
let (m) := X in Gfresh m.
Instance Gset_fresh_spec : FreshSpec positive (gset positive).
* apply _.
* intros X Y; rewrite <-elem_of_equiv_L. by intros ->.
* unfold elem_of, mapset_elem_of, fresh; intros [m]; simpl.
by rewrite Gfresh_fresh.
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