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Merge branch 'nclose_subseteq' into 'master'

Use notation N @⊆ E to avoid ambiguity.

Since `nclose : namespace → coPset` is declared as a coercion, the notation `nclose N ⊆ E` was pretty printed as `N ⊆ E`. However, `N ⊆ E` could not be typechecked because type checking goes from left to right, and as such would look for an instance `SubsetEq namespace`, which causes the right hand side to be ill-typed.

See merge request !24
parents b7460a79 bf6caa7f
......@@ -726,6 +726,8 @@ End disjoint_list.
Class Filter A B := filter: (P : A Prop) `{ x, Decision (P x)}, B B.
Class UpClose A B := up_close : A B.
Notation "↑ x" := (up_close x) (at level 20, format "↑ x").
(** * Monadic operations *)
(** We define operational type classes for the monadic operations bind, join
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