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      Better Coq 8.6 compatibility · ae135201
      Ralf Jung authored
      With Coq 8.6, you can no longer have intro patterns that give more names than
      the constructor has.  Also, patterns with too few names are now interpreted as
      filling up with "?", rather than putting the unnamed parts into the goal again.
      Furthermore, it seems the behavior of "simplify_eq/=" changed, I guess
      hypotheses are considered in different order now.  I managed to work around
      this, but it all seem kind of fragile.
      The next compilation failure is an "Anyomaly: ... Please report", so that's what I will do.
  5. 25 May, 2016 1 commit
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      Tweak the algebraic hierarchy. · a3d0a338
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      - Make the carrier argument of the constructors for the canonical structures
        cofeT and cmraT explicit. This way we make sure the carrier is properly
        exposed, instead of some alias of the carrier.
      - Make derived constructions (such as discreteC and discreteR) notations
        instead of definitions. This is yet again to make sure that the carrier is
        properly exposed.
      - Turn DRA into a canonical structure (it used to be a type class).
      This fixes some issues, notably it fixes some broken rewrites in algebra/sts
      and it makes canonical structures work properly with dec_agree.
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      Add both non-expansive and contractive functors, and bundle them for the... · 2467bf21
      Ralf Jung authored
      Add both non-expansive and contractive functors, and bundle them for the general Iris instance as well as the global functor construction
      This allows us to move the \later in the user-defined functor to any place we want.
      In particular, we can now have "\later (iProp -> iProp)" in the ghost CMRA.
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      COFE distance is no longer trivial at index 0. · 07d525a0
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      This way we avoid many one-off indexes and no longer need special cases for
      index 0 in many definitions. For example, the definition of the distance
      relation on option and excl has become much easier. Also, uPreds no longer need
      to hold at index 0.
      In order to make this change possible, we had to change the notions of
      "contractive functions" and "chains" slightly.
      Thanks to Aleš Bizjak and Amin Timany for suggesting this change and to help
      with the proofs.
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      Remove RA from the hierarchy. · b936a5ca
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      Instead, we have just a construction to create a CMRA from a RA. This
      construction is also slightly generalized, it now works for RAs over any
      timeless COFE instead of just the discrete COFE.
      * Put tactics and big_ops for CMRAs in a separate file.
      * Valid is now a derived notion (as the limit of validN), so it does not have
        to be defined by hand for each CMRA.
      Make the constructions DRA -> CMRA and RA -> CMRA more uniform.
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