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      opam: rename to coq-iris · d0743f7e
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      opam: build in parallel · 55ee8e66
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      start experimenting with opam · 4027fedc
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      Fix typo. · 36c5a842
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      Merge branch 'nclose_subseteq' into 'master' · f24fd7c3
      Ralf Jung authored
      Use notation N @⊆ E to avoid ambiguity.
      Since `nclose : namespace → coPset` is declared as a coercion, the notation `nclose N ⊆ E` was pretty printed as `N ⊆ E`. However, `N ⊆ E` could not be typechecked because type checking goes from left to right, and as such would look for an instance `SubsetEq namespace`, which causes the right hand side to be ill-typed.
      See merge request !24
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      Merge branch 'jh/fractional' into 'master' · 608e347c
      Ralf Jung authored
      Fractional typeclass.
      A typeclass for fractional assertions, that is assertions that depend on a fraction and that can be split.
      This is used to derive generically a few other instances for framing , destructing, combining and spliting assertions of sums of fractions. I found it usefull when doing fraction-heavy proofs in LambdaRust.
      The Right Way  To Do It would be to use a typeclass over the *predicate* itself. Unfortunately, the unification algorithm of typeclasses is not powerful enough to do the right beta-expansion that would expose the predicate applied to some fraction. Instead, the `Fractional` type class has as parameters both the predicate and the applied form that can be directly unified with the fractured assertion. Not very pretty.
      I wonder whether I should split this into two type classes: the first one would depend only on the predicate and would actually state the fractionality of it, and the second would do the beta-expansion job. What do you think?
      See merge request !23