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Fix typo in the documentation. Thanks to Joe for pointing that out.

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......@@ -272,7 +272,7 @@ The signature can of course state arbitrary additional properties of $\pred$, as
The adequacy statement now reads as follows:
&\All \mask, \expr, \val, \state.
\\&( \TRUE \proves {\upd}_\mask \Exists \stateinterp. \stateinterp(\state) * \wpre[\stateinterp]{\expr}[\stuckness;\mask]{x.\; \pred(x)}) \Ra
\\&( \TRUE \proves \pvs[\mask] \Exists \stateinterp. \stateinterp(\state) * \wpre[\stateinterp]{\expr}[\stuckness;\mask]{x.\; \pred(x)}) \Ra
\\&\expr, \state \vDash_\stuckness V
Notice that the state invariant $S$ used by the weakest precondition is chosen \emph{after} doing a fancy update, which allows it to depend on the names of ghost variables that are picked in that initial fancy update.
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