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generalize ownL_sc to ownR_sc

parent 68cf2dd0
......@@ -173,19 +173,48 @@ Module IrisCore (RL : RA_T) (C : CORE_LANG).
(* We define this on *any* resource, not just the positive (valid) ones.
Note that this makes ownR trivially *False* for invalid u: There is no
elment v such that u · v = r (where r is valid) *)
Program Definition ownR (u : res) : Props :=
pcmconst (mkUPred(fun n r => u ra_proj r) _).
Program Definition ownR: res -=> Props :=
s[(fun u => pcmconst (mkUPred(fun n r => u ra_proj r) _) )].
Next Obligation.
intros n m r1 r2 Hle [d Hd ] [e He]. change (u (ra_proj r2)). rewrite <-Hd, <-He.
exists (d · e). rewrite assoc. reflexivity.
Next Obligation.
intros u1 u2 Hequ. intros w n r. split; intros [t Heqt]; exists t; [rewrite <-Hequ|rewrite Hequ]; assumption.
Lemma ownR_sc u t:
ownR (u · t) == ownR u * ownR t.
intros w n r; split; [intros Hut | intros [r1 [r2 [EQr [Hu Ht] ] ] ] ].
- destruct Hut as [s Heq]. rewrite assoc in Heq.
assert (VALu:(s · u) = true). { eapply ra_op_pos_valid. eassumption. }
assert (VALt:t = true). { eapply ra_op_pos_valid2. eassumption. }
exists (ra_mk_pos (s · u) (VAL:=VALu)). exists (ra_mk_pos t (VAL:=VALt)).
split; [|split].
+ rewrite <-Heq. reflexivity.
+ exists s. reflexivity.
+ do 13 red. reflexivity.
- destruct Hu as [u' Hequ]. destruct Ht as [t' Heqt].
exists (u' · t'). rewrite <-EQr, <-Hequ, <-Heqt.
rewrite !assoc. eapply ra_op_proper; try (reflexivity || now apply _).
rewrite <-assoc, (comm _ u), assoc. reflexivity.
Lemma ownR_valid u (INVAL: u = false):
ownR u .
intros w n [r VAL] [v Heq]. hnf. unfold ra_proj, proj1_sig in Heq.
rewrite <-Heq in VAL. apply ra_op_valid2 in VAL. rewrite INVAL in VAL.
(** Proper physical state: ownership of the machine state **)
Program Definition ownS : state -n> Props :=
n[(fun s => ownR (ex_own _ s, 1%ra))].
Next Obligation.
intros r1 r2 EQr; destruct n as [| n]; [apply dist_bound |].
simpl in EQr. subst; reflexivity.
rewrite EQr. reflexivity.
(** Proper ghost state: ownership of logical **)
......@@ -196,38 +225,15 @@ Module IrisCore (RL : RA_T) (C : CORE_LANG).
simpl in EQr. intros w m t. simpl. change ( (ex_unit state, r1) (ra_proj t) <-> (ex_unit state, r2) (ra_proj t)). rewrite EQr. reflexivity.
Lemma ownL_iff u w n r: ownL u w n r <-> exists VAL, (ra_mk_pos (1, u) (VAL:=VAL)) r.
- intros H.
destruct (u) eqn:Heq; [|exfalso].
+ exists Heq. exact H.
+ destruct H as [s H]. apply ra_op_pos_valid2 in H. unfold ra_valid in H. simpl in H.
- intros [VAL Hle]. exact Hle.
(** Ghost state ownership **)
Lemma ownL_sc (u t : RL.res) :
ownL (u · t) == ownL u * ownL t.
intros w n r; split; [intros Hut | intros [r1 [r2 [EQr [Hu Ht] ] ] ] ].
- apply ownL_iff in Hut. destruct Hut as [VAL Hut].
rewrite <- Hut. clear Hut.
unfold ra_valid in VAL. simpl in VAL.
assert (VALu:u = true) by (eapply ra_op_valid; now eauto).
assert (VALt:t = true) by (eapply ra_op_valid2; now eauto).
exists (ra_mk_pos (1, u) (VAL:=VALu)).
exists (ra_mk_pos (1, t) (VAL:=VALt)).
split; [reflexivity|split].
+ do 15 red. reflexivity.
+ do 15 red. reflexivity.
- apply ownL_iff in Hu. destruct Hu as [VALu [d Hu] ].
apply ownL_iff in Ht. destruct Ht as [VALt [e Ht] ].
unfold ra_valid in VALu, VALt. simpl in VALu, VALt.
exists (d · e). rewrite <-EQr, <-Hu, <-Ht.
rewrite !assoc. rewrite <-(assoc d _ e), (comm (ra_proj _) e).
rewrite <-!assoc. reflexivity.
assert (Heq: (ex_unit state, u · t) == ((ex_unit state, u) · (ex_unit state, t)) ) by reflexivity.
(* I cannot believe I have to write this... *)
change (ownR (ex_unit state, u · t) == ownR (ex_unit state, u) * ownR (ex_unit state, t)).
rewrite Heq.
now eapply ownR_sc.
End Ownership.
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