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docs: fix COFE limit axiom

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......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ This definition varies slightly from the original one in~\cite{catlogic}.
\All n. (\nequiv{n}) ~& \text{is an equivalence relation} \tagH{cofe-equiv} \\
\All n, m.& n \geq m \Ra (\nequiv{n}) \subseteq (\nequiv{m}) \tagH{cofe-mono} \\
\All x, y.& x = y \Lra (\All n. x \nequiv{n} y) \tagH{cofe-limit} \\
\All n, c.& \lim(c) \nequiv{n} c(n+1) \tagH{cofe-compl}
\All n, c.& \lim(c) \nequiv{n} c(n) \tagH{cofe-compl}
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