Commit ee948028 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Remove FIXME now that ssr bug #22 is fixed.

parent fb144483
......@@ -4,15 +4,9 @@ PREREQUISITES
This version is known to compile with:
- Coq 8.5
- Ssreflect 1.6
- Ssreflect >= 3cc0493
- Autosubst 1.4
For development, better make sure you have a version of Ssreflect that includes
commit be724937 (no such version has been released so far, you will have to
fetch the development branch yourself). Iris compiles fine even without this
patch, but proof bullets will only be in 'strict' (enforcing) mode with the
fixed version of Ssreflect.
......@@ -21,10 +21,8 @@ Lemma wp_alloc_pst E σ e v Q :
(ownP σ ( l, (σ !! l = None) ownP (<[l:=v]>σ) - Q (LocV l)))
wp E (Alloc e) Q.
(* TODO RJ: Without the set, ssreflect rewrite doesn't work. Figure out why or
reprot a bug. *)
intros. set (φ v' σ' ef := l, ef = @None expr v' = LocV l σ' = <[l:=v]>σ σ !! l = None).
rewrite -(wp_lift_atomic_step (Alloc e) φ σ) // /φ;
intros; rewrite -(wp_lift_atomic_step (Alloc e) (λ v' σ' ef,
l, ef = None v' = LocV l σ' = <[l:=v]>σ σ !! l = None) σ) //;
last by intros; inv_step; eauto 8.
apply sep_mono, later_mono; first done.
apply forall_intro=>e2; apply forall_intro=>σ2; apply forall_intro=>ef.
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