Commit c84fed03 authored by David Swasey's avatar David Swasey
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Typo in statement of lift_pure_step.

parent a6d2564f
......@@ -362,7 +362,7 @@ Module IrisMeta (RL : RA_T) (C : CORE_LANG).
Program Definition plugExpr safe m φ P Q: expr -n> Props :=
n[(fun e => (lift_ePred φ e) (ht safe m P e Q))].
n[(fun e' => (lift_ePred φ e') (ht safe m P e' Q))].
Next Obligation.
intros e1 e2 Heq w n' r HLt.
destruct n as [|n]; [now inversion HLt | simpl in *].
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