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make "Skip" atomic

parent 7dea5706
......@@ -293,6 +293,34 @@ Section proof.
Lemma recv_split l P1 P2 Φ :
(recv l (P1 P2) (recv l P1 recv l P2 - Φ '())) || Skip {{ Φ }}.
rename P1 into R1. rename P2 into R2.
rewrite {1}/recv /barrier_ctx. rewrite sep_exist_r.
apply exist_elim=>γ. rewrite sep_exist_r. apply exist_elim=>P.
rewrite sep_exist_r. apply exist_elim=>Q. rewrite sep_exist_r.
apply exist_elim=>i.
(* I think some evars here are better than repeating *everything* *)
eapply (sts_fsaS _ (wp_fsa _)) with (N0:=N) (γ0:=γ); simpl;
eauto with I ndisj.
rewrite [(_ sts_ownS _ _ _)%I]comm -!assoc. apply sep_mono_r.
apply forall_intro=>-[p I]. apply wand_intro_l. rewrite -!assoc.
apply const_elim_sep_l=>Hs. destruct p; last done.
rewrite {1}/barrier_inv =>/={Hs}. rewrite later_sep.
eapply wp_store; eauto with I ndisj.
rewrite -!assoc. apply sep_mono_r. u_strip_later.
apply wand_intro_l. rewrite -(exist_intro (State High I)).
rewrite -(exist_intro ). rewrite const_equiv /=; last first.
{ apply rtc_once. constructor; first constructor;
rewrite /= /tok /=; set_solver. }
rewrite left_id -later_intro {2}/barrier_inv -!assoc. apply sep_mono_r.
rewrite !assoc [(_ P)%I]comm !assoc -2!assoc.
apply sep_mono; last first.
{ apply wand_intro_l. eauto with I. }
(* Now we come to the core of the proof: Updating from waiting to ress. *)
rewrite /waiting /ress sep_exist_l. apply exist_elim=>{Φ} Φ.
rewrite later_wand {1}(later_intro P) !assoc wand_elim_r.
rewrite big_sepS_later -big_sepS_sepS. apply big_sepS_mono'=>i.
rewrite -(exist_intro (Φ i)) comm. done.
Lemma recv_strengthen l P1 P2 :
......@@ -226,6 +226,8 @@ Definition atomic (e: expr) : Prop :=
| Load e => is_Some (to_val e)
| Store e1 e2 => is_Some (to_val e1) is_Some (to_val e2)
| Cas e0 e1 e2 => is_Some (to_val e0) is_Some (to_val e1) is_Some (to_val e2)
(* Make "skip" atomic *)
| App (Rec _ _ (Lit _)) (Lit _) => True
| _ => False
......@@ -280,12 +282,24 @@ Proof. destruct e; naive_solver. Qed.
Lemma atomic_fill K e : atomic (fill K e) to_val e = None K = [].
rewrite eq_None_not_Some.
destruct K as [|[]]; naive_solver eauto using fill_val.
destruct K as [|[] K]; try (naive_solver eauto using fill_val); [|].
(* Oh wow, this si getting annoying... *)
- simpl; destruct K as [|[] K]; try contradiction; [].
simpl. destruct e; simpl; try contradiction. naive_solver.
- simpl. destruct (of_val v1) eqn:EQ; try contradiction; [].
destruct e0; try contradiction; [].
destruct K as [|[] K]; try contradiction; [].
simpl. destruct e; simpl; try contradiction. naive_solver.
Lemma atomic_head_step e1 σ1 e2 σ2 ef :
atomic e1 head_step e1 σ1 e2 σ2 ef is_Some (to_val e2).
Proof. destruct 2; simpl; rewrite ?to_of_val; naive_solver. Qed.
intros Hatomic Hstep.
destruct Hstep; simpl; rewrite ?to_of_val; try naive_solver; [].
simpl in Hatomic. destruct e1; try contradiction; [].
destruct e2; try contradiction; []. naive_solver.
Lemma atomic_step e1 σ1 e2 σ2 ef :
atomic e1 prim_step e1 σ1 e2 σ2 ef is_Some (to_val e2).
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