Commit a39468f8 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Clean up some 'this is ugly' marked parts.

parent 93ce2c21
......@@ -118,14 +118,9 @@ Lemma wp_cas_fail_pst E σ l e1 v1 e2 v2 v' Q :
(ownP σ (ownP σ - Q LitFalseV)) wp E (Cas (Loc l) e1 e2) Q.
intros Hvl Hl. etransitivity; last eapply wp_lift_step with (σ1 := σ)
(φ := λ e' σ', e' = LitFalse σ' = σ); last first.
- intros e2' σ2' ef Hstep. inversion_clear Hstep; first done.
(* FIXME this rewriting is rather ugly. *)
exfalso. rewrite Hvl in Hv1. case:Hv1=>?; subst v1. rewrite Hlookup in H.
case:H=>?; subst v'. done.
- do 3 eexists. eapply CasFailS; eassumption.
- reflexivity.
- reflexivity.
(φ := λ e' σ', e' = LitFalse σ' = σ) (E1:=E); auto; last first.
- by inversion_clear 1; simplify_map_equality.
- do 3 eexists; econstructor; eauto.
- rewrite -pvs_intro.
apply sep_mono; first done. apply later_mono.
apply forall_intro=>e2'. apply forall_intro=>σ2'.
......@@ -177,14 +172,9 @@ Proof.
eapply ForkS.
- reflexivity.
- apply later_mono.
apply forall_intro=>e2. apply forall_intro=>ef.
apply impl_intro_l. apply const_elim_l. intros [-> ->].
(* FIXME RJ This is ridicolous. *)
transitivity (True wp coPset_all e (λ _, True : iProp heap_lang Σ))%I;
first by rewrite left_id.
apply sep_mono; last reflexivity.
rewrite -wp_value'; last reflexivity.
by apply const_intro.
apply forall_intro=>e2; apply forall_intro=>ef.
apply impl_intro_l, const_elim_l=>-[-> ->] /=; apply sep_intro_True_l; auto.
by rewrite -wp_value' //; apply const_intro.
Lemma wp_lift_pure_step E (φ : expr Prop) Q e1 :
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