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Updated readme for Ralf's changes; guessed about the new compilation speed.

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......@@ -56,8 +56,12 @@ CONTENTS
* world_prop.v uses the ModuRes Coq library to construct the domain
for Iris propositions
* iris.v is the main file and contains the actual logic and the
proof of the rules for view shifts and Hoare triples
* iris_core.v defines erasure and the simpler assertions
* iris_wp.v defines weakest preconditions and proves the rules for
Hoare triples
* iris_vs.v defines view shifts and proves their rules
The development uses ModuRes, a Coq library by Sieczkowski et al. to
solve the recursive domain equation (see the paper for a reference)
......@@ -68,49 +72,44 @@ CONTENTS
8GB ram + 4GB swap
We have tested the development using Coq v. 8.4pl4 on Linux and Mac
machines with at least 8GB RAM + 4GB swap. The entire compilation
took around 3 hours.
machines with 8GB RAM. The entire compilation took around an hour.
To compile the development, run
> make
> (cd lib/ModuRes; make) && make
in the folder containing this README.
Be aware that iris.v takes a long time to check and needs
significant amounts of RAM!
Below we give a mapping from proof rules in the paper to Coq lemma's
in Iris.v.
Below we give a mapping from proof rules in the paper to Coq lemma's.
RULE Coq lemma
VSTimeless vsTimeless
NewInv vsNewInv
InvOpen vsOpen
InvClose vsClose
VSTrans vsTrans
VSImp vsEnt
VSFrame vsFrame
FpUpd vsGhostUpd
Ret htRet
Bind htBind
Frame htFrame
AFrame htAFrame
Csq htCons
ACSQ htACons
Fork htFork
The main adequacy result is expressed by Theorem soundness_obs.
VSTimeless iris_vs.v:/vsTimeless
NewInv iris_vs.v:/vsNewInv
InvOpen iris_vs.v:/vsOpen
InvClose iris_vs.v:/vsClose
VSTrans iris_vs.v:/vsTrans
VSImp iris_vs.v:/vsEnt
VSFrame iris_vs.v:/vsFrame
FpUpd iris_vs.v:/vsGhostUpd
Ret iris_wp.v:/htRet
Bind iris_wp.v:/htBind
Frame iris_wp.v:/htFrame
AFrame iris_wp.v:/htAFrame
Csq iris_wp.v:/htCons
ACSQ iris_wp.v:/htACons
Fork iris_wp.v:/htFork
The main adequacy result is expressed by Theorem
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