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hard-wire the auth construction to timeless CMRAs

parent 2c1b15dc
......@@ -3,14 +3,23 @@ Require Export program_logic.invariants program_logic.ghost_ownership.
Import uPred.
Section auth.
Context {A : cmraT} `{Empty A, !CMRAIdentity A}.
Context {A : cmraT} `{Empty A, !CMRAIdentity A} `{! a : A, Timeless a}.
Context {Λ : language} {Σ : gid iFunctor} (AuthI : gid) `{!InG Λ Σ AuthI (authRA A)}.
(* TODO: Come up with notation for "iProp Λ (globalC Σ)". *)
Context (N : namespace) (φ : A iProp Λ (globalC Σ)).
Implicit Types P Q R : iProp Λ (globalC Σ).
Implicit Types a b : A.
Implicit Types γ : gname.
(* Adding this locally only, since it overlaps with Auth_timelss in algebra/auth.v.
TODO: Would moving this to auth.v and making it global break things? *)
Local Instance AuthA_timeless (x : auth A) : Timeless x.
(* FIXME: "destruct x; auto with typeclass_instances" should find this through Auth, right? *)
destruct x. apply Auth_timeless; apply _.
(* TODO: Need this to be proven somewhere. *)
(* FIXME ✓ binds too strong, I need parenthesis here. *)
Hypothesis auth_valid :
......@@ -38,15 +47,16 @@ Section auth.
Context {Hφ : n, Proper (dist n ==> dist n) φ}.
Lemma auth_opened a γ :
(auth_inv γ auth_own γ a) ( a', φ (a a') own AuthI γ ( (a a') a)).
Lemma auth_opened E a γ :
(auth_inv γ auth_own γ a) pvs E E ( a', φ (a a') own AuthI γ ( (a a') a)).
rewrite /auth_inv. rewrite sep_exist_r. apply exist_elim=>b.
rewrite /auth_own [(_ φ _)%I]commutative -associative -own_op.
rewrite /auth_inv. rewrite later_exist sep_exist_r. apply exist_elim=>b.
rewrite later_sep [(own _ _ _)%I]pvs_timeless !pvs_frame_r. apply pvs_mono.
rewrite /auth_own [(_ ▷φ _)%I]commutative -associative -own_op.
rewrite own_valid_r auth_valid !sep_exist_l /=. apply exist_elim=>a'.
rewrite [ _]left_id -(exist_intro a').
apply (eq_rewrite b (a a')
(λ x, φ x own AuthI γ ( x a))%I).
(λ x, φ x own AuthI γ ( x a))%I).
{ (* TODO this asks for automation. *)
move=>n a1 a2 Ha. by rewrite !Ha. }
{ by rewrite !sep_elim_r. }
......@@ -66,13 +76,11 @@ Section auth.
by apply own_update, (auth_local_update_l L).
(* FIXME it should be enough to assume that A is all-timeless. *)
(* Notice how the user has to prove that `b⋅a'` is valid at all
step-indices. This is because the side-conditions for frame-preserving
updates have to be shown on the meta-level. *)
step-indices. However, since A is timeless, that should not be
a restriction. *)
(* TODO The form of the lemma, with a very specific post-condition, is not ideal. *)
Lemma auth_pvs `{! a : authRA A, Timeless a}`{!LocalUpdate Lv L}
E P (Q : A iProp Λ (globalC Σ)) γ a :
Lemma auth_pvs `{!LocalUpdate Lv L} E P (Q : A iProp Λ (globalC Σ)) γ a :
nclose N E
(auth_ctx γ auth_own γ a ( a', ▷φ (a a') -
pvs (E nclose N) (E nclose N)
......@@ -82,12 +90,11 @@ Section auth.
rewrite /auth_ctx=>HN.
rewrite -[pvs E E _]pvs_open_close; last eassumption.
apply sep_mono; first done. apply wand_intro_l.
rewrite [auth_own _ _]later_intro associative -later_sep.
rewrite auth_opened later_exist sep_exist_r. apply exist_elim=>a'.
rewrite (forall_elim a'). rewrite [(_ _)%I]commutative later_sep.
rewrite associative wand_elim_l pvs_frame_r. apply pvs_strip_pvs.
rewrite [(own _ _ _)%I]pvs_timeless pvs_frame_l. apply pvs_strip_pvs.
rewrite -!associative. apply const_elim_sep_l=>-[HL Hv].
rewrite associative auth_opened !pvs_frame_r !sep_exist_r.
apply pvs_strip_pvs. apply exist_elim=>a'.
rewrite (forall_elim a'). rewrite [(_ _)%I]commutative.
rewrite -[((_ _) _)%I]associative wand_elim_r pvs_frame_l. apply pvs_strip_pvs.
rewrite commutative -!associative. apply const_elim_sep_l=>-[HL Hv].
rewrite associative [(_ Q _)%I]commutative -associative auth_closing //; [].
erewrite pvs_frame_l. apply pvs_mono.
rewrite associative [(_ Q _)%I]commutative associative.
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