Commit 726366bb authored by David Swasey's avatar David Swasey
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Revert git:00444b07 as the weaker notion of atomicity is too weak for unsafe WP.

parent 8de0b894
......@@ -82,8 +82,6 @@ Section language.
Proof. unfold reducible, irreducible. naive_solver. Qed.
Lemma reducible_not_val e σ : reducible e σ to_val e = None.
Proof. intros (?&?&?&?); eauto using val_stuck. Qed.
Lemma val_irreducible e σ : is_Some (to_val e) irreducible e σ.
Proof. intros [??] ??? ?%val_stuck. by destruct (to_val e). Qed.
Global Instance of_val_inj : Inj (=) (=) (@of_val Λ).
Proof. by intros v v' Hv; apply (inj Some); rewrite -!to_of_val Hv. Qed.
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