Commit 558bc915 authored by Joseph Tassarotti's avatar Joseph Tassarotti
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Fix typo in definition of weakest pre.

parent 2f0164f4
......@@ -257,7 +257,7 @@ This can be instantiated, for example, with ownership of an authoritative RA to
\textdom{wp} \eqdef{}& \MU \textdom{wp}. \Lam \mask, \expr, \pred. \\
& (\Exists\val. \toval(\expr) = \val \land \pvs[\mask] \prop) \lor {}\\
& (\Exists\val. \toval(\expr) = \val \land \pvs[\mask] \pred(\val)) \lor {}\\
& \Bigl(\toval(\expr) = \bot \land \All \state. I(\state) \vsW[\mask][\emptyset] {}\\
&\qquad \red(\expr, \state) * \later\All \expr', \state', \vec\expr. (\expr, \state \step \expr', \state', \vec\expr) \vsW[\emptyset][\mask] {}\\
&\qquad\qquad I(\state') * \textdom{wp}(\mask, \expr', \pred) * \Sep_{\expr'' \in \vec\expr} \textdom{wp}(\top, \expr'', \Lam \any. \TRUE)\Bigr) \\
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