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Prove that atomic triples imply "normal" triples

parent cb77b8a5
From Require Export bi updates.
From Require Import fixpoint laterable.
From Require Export bi updates laterable.
From Require Import fixpoint.
From stdpp Require Import coPset namespaces.
From iris.proofmode Require Import coq_tactics tactics reduction.
Set Default Proof Using "Type".
From stdpp Require Import namespaces.
From iris.program_logic Require Export weakestpre.
From iris.proofmode Require Import tactics classes.
From Require Export atomic.
......@@ -90,3 +91,22 @@ Notation "'<<<' α '>>>' e @ Eo '<<<' β , 'RET' v '>>>'" :=
(at level 20, Eo, α, β, v at level 200,
format "'[hv' '<<<' α '>>>' '/ ' e @ Eo '/' '[ ' '<<<' β , '/' 'RET' v '>>>' ']' ']'")
: stdpp_scope.
(** Theory *)
Section lemmas.
Context `{irisG Λ Σ} {TA TB : tele}.
Notation iProp := (iProp Σ).
Implicit Types (α : TA iProp) (β : TA TB iProp) (f : TA TB val Λ).
Lemma atomic_wp_seq e Eo α β f {HL : .. x, Laterable (α x)} :
atomic_wp e Eo α β f -
Φ, .. x, α x - (.. y, β x y - Φ (f x y)) - WP e {{ Φ }}.
rewrite ->tforall_forall in HL.
iIntros "Hwp" (Φ x) "Hα HΦ". iApply ("Hwp" with "[HΦ]"); first iAccu.
iAuIntro. iApply (aacc_intro with "Hα"); first solve_ndisj.
iSplit; first by eauto. iIntros (y) "Hβ !>".
(* FIXME: Using ssreflect rewrite does not work? *)
rewrite ->!tele_app_bind. iIntros "HΦ". iApply "HΦ". done.
End lemmas.
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