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......@@ -604,7 +604,7 @@ Here we define $\wpre{\expr'}[\mask]{\Ret\var.\prop} \eqdef \TRUE$ if $\expr' =
The adequacy statement reads as follows:
The adequacy statement concerning functional correctness reads as follows:
&\All \mask, \expr, \val, \pred, \state, \melt, \state', \tpool'.
\\&(\All n. \melt \in \mval_n) \Ra
......@@ -615,6 +615,17 @@ The adequacy statement reads as follows:
where $\pred$ is a \emph{meta-level} predicate over values, \ie it can mention neither resources nor invariants.
Furthermore, the following adequacy statement shows that our weakest preconditions imply that the execution never gets \emph{stuck}: Every expression in the thread pool either is a value, or can reduce further.
&\All \mask, \expr, \state, \melt, \state', \tpool'.
\\&(\All n. \melt \in \mval_n) \Ra
\\&( \ownPhys\state * \ownGGhost\melt \proves \wpre{\expr}[\mask]{x.\; \pred(x)}) \Ra
\\&\cfg{\state}{[\expr]} \step^\ast
\cfg{\state'}{\tpool'} \Ra
\\&\All\expr'\in\tpool'. \toval(\expr) \neq \bot \lor \red(\expr, \state')
Notice that this is stronger than saying that the thread pool can reduce; we actually assert that \emph{every} non-finished thread can take a step.
% RJ: If we want this section back, we should port it to primitive view shifts and prove it in Coq.
% \subsection{Unsound rules}
......@@ -112,18 +112,20 @@ Lemma wp_adequacy_reducible E Φ e1 e2 t2 σ1 m σ2 :
(ownP σ1 ownG m) #> e1 @ E {{ Φ }}
rtc step ([e1], σ1) (t2, σ2)
e2 t2 to_val e2 = None reducible e2 σ2.
e2 t2 (is_Some (to_val e2) reducible e2 σ2).
intros Hv ? Hs [i ?]%elem_of_list_lookup He.
intros Hv ? Hs [i ?]%elem_of_list_lookup.
destruct (wp_adequacy_own Φ e1 t2 σ1 m σ2) as (rs2&Φs&?&?); auto.
{ by rewrite -(wp_mask_weaken E ). }
destruct (Forall3_lookup_l (λ e Φ r, wp e Φ 2 r) t2
(Φ :: Φs) rs2 i e2) as (Φ'&r2&?&?&Hwp); auto.
case He:(to_val e2)=>[v2|]; first by eauto. right.
destruct (wp_step_inv Φ' e2 1 2 σ2 r2 (big_op (delete i rs2)));
rewrite ?right_id_L ?big_op_delete; auto.
by rewrite -wp_eq.
(* Connect this up to the threadpool-semantics. *)
Theorem wp_adequacy_safe E Φ e1 t2 σ1 m σ2 :
(ownP σ1 ownG m) #> e1 @ E {{ Φ }}
......@@ -133,8 +135,9 @@ Proof.
destruct (decide (Forall (λ e, is_Some (to_val e)) t2)) as [|Ht2]; [by left|].
apply (not_Forall_Exists _), Exists_exists in Ht2; destruct Ht2 as (e2&?&He2).
destruct (wp_adequacy_reducible E Φ e1 e2 t2 σ1 m σ2) as (e3&σ3&ef&?);
destruct (wp_adequacy_reducible E Φ e1 e2 t2 σ1 m σ2) as [?|(e3&σ3&ef&?)];
rewrite ?eq_None_not_Some; auto.
{ exfalso. eauto. }
destruct (elem_of_list_split t2 e2) as (t2'&t2''&->); auto.
right; exists (t2' ++ e3 :: t2'' ++ option_list ef), σ3; econstructor; eauto.
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