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Some theorems about zip and zip_with.

parent 02b74a1f
......@@ -1934,6 +1934,8 @@ Instance: ∀ A, Reflexive (@same_length A A).
Proof. intros A l. induction l; constructor; auto. Qed.
Instance: A, Symmetric (@same_length A A).
Proof. induction 1; constructor; auto. Qed.
Hint Extern 0 (_ `same_length` _) => reflexivity.
Hint Extern 0 (_ `same_length` _) => symmetry; assumption.
Section same_length.
Context {A B : Type}.
......@@ -1963,6 +1965,10 @@ Section same_length.
Lemma same_length_resize l k x y n : resize n x l `same_length` resize n y k.
Proof. apply same_length_length. by rewrite !resize_length. Qed.
Lemma same_length_fmap {C D} (f : A C) (g : B D) l k :
l `same_length` k f <$> l `same_length` g <$> k.
Proof. induction 1; simpl; constructor; auto. Qed.
End same_length.
(** ** Properties of the [Forall] and [Exists] predicate *)
......@@ -2964,6 +2970,12 @@ Section zip_with.
Forall (λ x, y, P y Q (f x y)) l1 Forall P l2
Forall Q (zip_with f l1 l2).
Proof. intros Hl. revert l2. induction Hl; destruct 1; simpl in *; auto. Qed.
Lemma zip_with_zip l k : zip_with f l k = curry f <$> zip l k.
Proof. revert k. induction l; intros [|??]; simpl; auto with f_equal. Qed.
Lemma zip_with_fst_snd lk :
zip_with f (fst <$> lk) (snd <$> lk) = curry f <$> lk.
Proof. induction lk as [|[]]; simpl; auto with f_equal. Qed.
End zip_with.
Section zip.
......@@ -2981,6 +2993,8 @@ Section zip.
Proof. by apply zip_with_fmap_fst. Qed.
Lemma zip_snd l k : l `same_length` k snd <$> zip l k = k.
Proof. by apply zip_with_fmap_snd. Qed.
Lemma zip_fst_snd (lk : list (A * B)) : zip (fst <$> lk) (snd <$> lk) = lk.
Proof. induction lk as [|[]]; simpl; auto with f_equal. Qed.
End zip.
Lemma elem_of_zipped_map {A B} (f : list A list A A B) l k x :
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