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Add a `NoBackTrack` type class.

`NoBackTrack P` requires `P` but will never backtrack on it
once a result for `P` has been found.
parent c8d58d4c
......@@ -46,6 +46,22 @@ End seal.
Arguments unseal {_ _} _ : assert.
Arguments seal_eq {_ _} _ : assert.
(** * Non-backtracking type classes *)
(** The type class [NoBackTrack P] can be used to establish [P] without ever
backtracking on the instance of [P] that has been found. Backtracking may
normally happen when [P] contains evars that could be instanciated in different
ways depending on which instance is picked, and type class search somewhere else
depends on this evar.
The proper way of handling this would be by setting Coq's option
`Typeclasses Unique Instances`. However, this option seems to be broken, see Coq
issue #6714.
See for a rationale
of this type class. *)
Class NoBackTrack (P : Prop) := { no_backtrack : P }.
Hint Extern 0 (NoBackTrack _) => constructor; apply _ : typeclass_instances.
(** * Typeclass opaque definitions *)
(* The constant [tc_opaque] is used to make definitions opaque for just type
class search. Note that [simpl] is set up to always unfold [tc_opaque]. *)
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