Commit 2d27f42b authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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More TCForall lemmas.

parent 3cb126ca
......@@ -3489,6 +3489,13 @@ Proof.
inversion_clear 1. rewrite reverse_cons, <-(assoc_L (++)). by apply IH.
Lemma TCForall_Forall {A} (P : A Prop) xs : TCForall P xs Forall P xs.
Proof. split; induction 1; constructor; auto. Qed.
Instance TCForall_app {A} (P : A Prop) xs ys :
TCForall P xs TCForall P ys TCForall P (xs ++ ys).
Proof. rewrite !TCForall_Forall. apply Forall_app_2. Qed.
(** * Relection over lists *)
(** We define a simple data structure [rlist] to capture a syntactic
representation of lists consisting of constants, applications and the nil list.
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