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Document the `Program` options that we change.

This addresses some concerns in !5.
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......@@ -5,18 +5,32 @@ that are used throughout the whole development. Most importantly it contains
abstract interfaces for ordered structures, collections, and various other data
structures. *)
Global Generalizable All Variables.
Global Unset Transparent Obligations.
From Coq Require Export Morphisms RelationClasses List Bool Utf8 Setoid.
Set Default Proof Using "Type".
Export ListNotations.
From Coq.Program Require Export Basics Syntax.
(* Tweak program: don't let it automatically simplify obligations and hide
them from the results of the [Search] commands. *)
(** * Tweak program *)
(** 1. Since we only use Program to solve logical side-conditions, they should
always be made Opaque, otherwise we end up with performance problems due to
Coq blindly unfolding them.
Note that in most cases we use [Next Obligation. (* ... *) Qed.], for which
this option does not matter. However, sometimes we write things like
[Solve Obligations with naive_solver (* ... *)], and then the obligations
should surely be opaque. *)
Global Unset Transparent Obligations.
(** 2. Do not let Program automatically simplify obligations. The default
obligation tactic is [Tactics.program_simpl], which, among other things,
introduces all variables and gives them fresh names. As such, it becomes
impossible to refer to hypotheses in a robust way. *)
Obligation Tactic := idtac.
(** 3. Hide obligations from the results of the [Search] commands. *)
Add Search Blacklist "_obligation_".
(** Sealing off definitions *)
(** * Sealing off definitions *)
Section seal.
Local Set Primitive Projections.
Record seal {A} (f : A) := { unseal : A; seal_eq : unseal = f }.
......@@ -24,7 +38,7 @@ End seal.
Arguments unseal {_ _} _ : assert.
Arguments seal_eq {_ _} _ : assert.
(** Typeclass opaque definitions *)
(** * Typeclass opaque definitions *)
(* The constant [tc_opaque] is used to make definitions opaque for just type
class search. Note that [simpl] is set up to always unfold [tc_opaque]. *)
Definition tc_opaque {A} (x : A) : A := x.
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