Commit cecba062 authored by Felipe Cerqueira's avatar Felipe Cerqueira
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Remove unnecessary assumption job_cost > 0

parent bf05f1be
......@@ -63,13 +63,9 @@ Module ConcreteScheduler.
Context {Job: eqType}.
Variable job_cost: Job -> time.
(* Let arr_seq be any job arrival sequence with no duplicates, ... *)
(* Let arr_seq be any job arrival sequence with no duplicates. *)
Variable arr_seq: arrival_sequence Job.
Hypothesis H_arrival_sequence_is_a_set: arrival_sequence_is_a_set arr_seq.
(* ...where jobs have positive cost. *)
Hypothesis H_job_cost_positive:
forall (j: JobIn arr_seq), job_cost_positive job_cost j.
(* Consider any JLDP policy that is transitive and total. *)
Variable higher_eq_priority: JLDP_policy arr_seq.
......@@ -189,7 +185,6 @@ Module ConcreteScheduler.
Theorem scheduler_completed_jobs_dont_execute:
completed_jobs_dont_execute job_cost sched.
rename H_job_cost_positive into GT0.
unfold completed_jobs_dont_execute, service, service_during.
intros j t.
induction t; first by rewrite big_geq.
......@@ -204,9 +199,15 @@ Module ConcreteScheduler.
rewrite EQ -{2}[job_cost j]addn0; apply leq_add; first by done.
destruct t.
rewrite big_geq // in EQ.
specialize (GT0 j); unfold job_cost_positive in *.
by rewrite -EQ ltn0 in GT0.
rewrite /service_at /scheduled_at.
destruct (sched 0 == Some j) eqn:SCHED; last by done.
move: SCHED => /eqP SCHED.
rewrite scheduler_picks_first_job in SCHED.
set jobs := sorted_pending_jobs _ _ _ _ _ in SCHED.
have IN: j \in jobs.
by destruct jobs; last by move: SCHED => /=; case => SAME; subst; rewrite in_cons eq_refl.
rewrite mem_sort mem_filter in IN; move: IN => /andP [/andP [_ NOTCOMP] _].
by rewrite /completed_by -EQ eq_refl in NOTCOMP.
unfold service_at, scheduled_at.
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