Commit 89a8d7d0 authored by Felipe Cerqueira's avatar Felipe Cerqueira

Remove commented lemma

parent 839079c7
......@@ -120,21 +120,4 @@ Section Sorting.
Lemma sort_over_list_sorted {T: eqType} (leT: rel T) (s: seq T) :
total_over_list leT s ->
sorted leT (sort leT s).
(* rewrite /sort; have allss: all sorted [::] by [].
elim: {s}_.+1 {-2}s [::] allss (ltnSn (size s)) => // n IHn s ss allss.
have: sorted s -> sorted (merge_sort_pop s ss).
elim: ss allss s => //= s2 ss IHss /andP[ord_s2 ord_ss] s ord_s.
exact: IHss ord_ss _ (merge_sorted ord_s ord_s2).
case: s => [|x1 [|x2 s _]]; try by auto.
move/ltnW/IHn; apply=> {n IHn s}; set s1 := if _ then _ else _.
have: sorted s1 by apply: (@merge_sorted [::x2] [::x1]).
elim: ss {x1 x2}s1 allss => /= [|s2 ss IHss] s1; first by rewrite andbT.
case/andP=> ord_s2 ord_ss ord_s1.
by case: {1}s2=> /= [|_ _]; [rewrite ord_s1 | apply: IHss (merge_sorted _ _)].*)
End Sorting.
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