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Zombie Crisis Survival - one of the most exciting survival games at top1apk

If you do not know which game to play in your free time, Zombie Crisis Survival is an ideal choice. It is a typical survival game with a sandbox style in which you have to fight with the aggressive and dangerous zombies to survive.
Exciting storyline
HackBerry is gradually becoming a dead city due to the environmental crisis and aggressive zombies growing quickly. The government has warned everybody not to approach the city because it is so dangerous. Playing this game, you will play the role of a man named Ethan, whos wife and children live apart from him in HackBerry. The transportation system in the city was completely destroyed, and no one survived.

However, Ethan has received a call from his wife announcing that she and their children are still alive and hiding in a basement at 112 Valley Road. You must quickly approach this dangerous area and save your loved ones. Unfortunately, when you come to HackBerry, the car was broken. Water and food are also running out. The first task you have to do is look for food to keep going to the gas station. There are a lot of zombies around this area. Try to kill them to complete the task because difficulties and dangers only really appear when the night falls. You will be in this city to fight against the zombies and explore secrets behind this terrible crisis.

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Playing single player mode of Zombie Crisis: Survival, players have to adventure alone in the world filled with dangerous zombies to save the family. Then you will find out the reason why the world was invaded by zombies. Players will have to fight with the harsh environment and evil zombies, bloodthirsty every day. Try to live as long as possible, destroy the zombies that are threatening you, save your loved ones and find out the hidden secrets. In addition to weapons and items already available such as water, matches, flashlights, the players must also collect more equipment during the battle. 
With impressive graphics, Zombie Crisis: Survival stimulates exactly the gloomy atmosphere of the world in the doomsdays. Aggressive zombies appear everywhere and are ready to attack you at any time. You will be free to go and do everything as long as you complete the tasks and survive to the last moments.
Zombie Crisis Survival is a combination of survival and role-playing games which requires players to have combat skills and good tactical thinking. You not only have to fight against the dangerous zombies but also do a lot of other tasks to rescue the city and discover the hidden secrets. The game, by the way, has become much more interesting.
It is no doubt that this survival game is one of the hottest games today. With engaging gameplay, Zombie Crisis: Survival is surely worth a try. Visit our APK store to download and enjoy this game right now. Hope you will have enjoyable moments while playing this game!
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