Authored by Linh Nguyen

Things to know about Windows 10

Developed quite thoroughly to support the various devices, Windows 10 is Microsoft confirmed that can run on all Windows-based devices, including the desktop, notebooks , tablet, smartphone and other devices.

Terry Myerson also said that Windows 10 will "run on ever greater numbers of devices, from Internet devices to enterprise data centers around the globe."

In particular, according to the announcement Windows 10 will be able to support the screen from 4 to 80 inches, which means that the smartphone can also enjoy the experience mixing the tablet PC and impressive. With the new Windows OS thanks to its excellent multi-device compatibility.

Unique feature Continum

It is the most impressive feature on Windows 10 when it has the ability to automatically switch to different usage modes, such as when the user manipulates a keyboard disassembled tablet, it will recognize and immediately switch to the custom interface for touch mode, but if the keyboard is back to the device will automatically switch to the desktop interface to work the same.

In other words, the application will also allow it to boot from the desktop interface if the user has already plugged the mouse and keyboard into a touch-enabled machine.

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