Commit 2e0bf441 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung

name fmap_inj

parent 5f2a6b77
......@@ -3100,7 +3100,7 @@ Section fmap.
( x, f x g x) f <$> l g <$> l.
Proof. induction l; constructor; auto. Qed.
Global Instance: Inj (=) (=) f Inj (=) (=) (fmap f).
Global Instance fmap_inj: Inj (=) (=) f Inj (=) (=) (fmap f).
intros ? l1. induction l1 as [|x l1 IH]; [by intros [|??]|].
intros [|??]; intros; f_equal/=; simplify_eq; auto.
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