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......@@ -19,6 +19,13 @@ Class FinMapDom K M D `{∀ A, Dom (M A) D, FMap M,
Section fin_map_dom.
Context `{FinMapDom K M D}.
Lemma dom_map_filter {A} (P : K * A Prop) `{! x, Decision (P x)} (m : M A):
dom D (filter P m) dom D m.
intros ?. rewrite 2!elem_of_dom.
destruct 1 as [?[Eq _]%map_filter_lookup_Some]. by eexists.
Lemma elem_of_dom_2 {A} (m : M A) i x : m !! i = Some x i dom D m.
Proof. rewrite elem_of_dom; eauto. Qed.
Lemma not_elem_of_dom {A} (m : M A) i : i dom D m m !! i = None.
......@@ -130,6 +130,9 @@ is unspecified. *)
Definition map_fold `{FinMapToList K A M} {B}
(f : K A B B) (b : B) : M B := foldr (curry f) b map_to_list.
Instance map_filter `{FinMapToList K A M, Insert K A M, Empty M} : Filter (K * A) M :=
λ P _, map_fold (λ k v m, if decide (P (k,v)) then <[k := v]>m else m) .
(** * Theorems *)
Section theorems.
Context `{FinMap K M}.
......@@ -1002,6 +1005,53 @@ Proof.
assert (m !! j = Some y) by (apply Hm; by right). naive_solver.
(** ** The filter operation *)
Section map_Filter.
Context {A} (P : K * A Prop) `{! x, Decision (P x)}.
Implicit Types m : M A.
Lemma map_filter_lookup_Some m i x :
filter P m !! i = Some x m !! i = Some x P (i,x).
revert m i x. apply (map_fold_ind (λ m1 m2,
i x, m1 !! i = Some x m2 !! i = Some x P _)); intros i x.
- rewrite lookup_empty. naive_solver.
- intros m m' Hm Eq j y. case_decide; case (decide (j = i))as [->|?].
+ rewrite 2!lookup_insert. naive_solver.
+ rewrite !lookup_insert_ne by done. by apply Eq.
+ rewrite Eq, Hm, lookup_insert. naive_solver.
+ by rewrite lookup_insert_ne.
Lemma map_filter_lookup_None m i :
filter P m !! i = None m !! i = None x, m !! i = Some x ¬ P (i,x).
rewrite eq_None_not_Some. unfold is_Some.
setoid_rewrite map_filter_lookup_Some. naive_solver.
Lemma map_filter_lookup_eq m1 m2 :
( k x, P (k,x) m1 !! k = Some x m2 !! k = Some x)
filter P m1 = filter P m2.
intros HP. apply map_eq. intros i. apply option_eq; intros x.
rewrite !map_filter_lookup_Some. naive_solver.
Lemma map_filter_lookup_insert m i x :
P (i,x) <[i:=x]> (filter P m) = filter P (<[i:=x]> m).
intros HP. apply map_eq. intros j. apply option_eq; intros y.
destruct (decide (j = i)) as [->|?].
- rewrite map_filter_lookup_Some, !lookup_insert. naive_solver.
- rewrite lookup_insert_ne, !map_filter_lookup_Some, lookup_insert_ne by done.
Lemma map_filter_empty : filter P ( : M A) = .
Proof. apply map_fold_empty. Qed.
End map_Filter.
(** ** Properties of the [map_Forall] predicate *)
Section map_Forall.
Context {A} (P : K A Prop).
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