Commit a925aea6 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Use 2*size hash buckets.

parent 8a43c1bb
......@@ -142,15 +142,15 @@ Definition remove_dups_fast (l : list A) : list A :=
| [] => []
| [x] => [x]
| _ =>
let n :Z := length l in
let n : Z := length l in
elements (foldr (λ x, ({[ x ]} )) l :
hashset (λ x, hash x `mod` n)%Z)
hashset (λ x, hash x `mod` (2 * n))%Z)
Lemma elem_of_remove_dups_fast l x : x remove_dups_fast l x l.
destruct l as [|x1 [|x2 l]]; try reflexivity.
unfold remove_dups_fast; generalize (x1 :: x2 :: l); clear l; intros l.
generalize (λ x, hash x `mod` length l)%Z; intros f.
generalize (λ x, hash x `mod` (2 * length l))%Z; intros f.
rewrite elem_of_elements; split.
* revert x. induction l as [|y l IH]; intros x; simpl.
{ by rewrite elem_of_empty. }
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