Commit 1657d8d0 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers

Add `Forall_reverse`.

parent 5727c9aa
......@@ -2317,6 +2317,11 @@ Section Forall_Exists.
Proof. rewrite Forall_lookup. eauto. Qed.
Lemma Forall_lookup_2 l : (∀ i x, l !! i = Some x → P x) → Forall P l.
Proof. by rewrite Forall_lookup. Qed.
Lemma Forall_reverse l : Forall P (reverse l) ↔ Forall P l.
induction l as [|x l IH]; simpl; [done|].
rewrite reverse_cons, Forall_cons, Forall_app, Forall_singleton. naive_solver.
Lemma Forall_tail l : Forall P l → Forall P (tail l).
Proof. destruct 1; simpl; auto. Qed.
Lemma Forall_nth d l : Forall P l ↔ ∀ i, i < length l → P (nth i l d).
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