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lt vs gt

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......@@ -3349,7 +3349,7 @@ Section seqZ.
Local Open Scope Z.
Lemma seqZ_nil m n: n ≤ 0 → seqZ m n = [].
Proof. by destruct n. Qed.
Lemma seqZ_cons m n: n > 0 → seqZ m n = m :: seqZ (Z.succ m) (Z.pred n).
Lemma seqZ_cons m n: 0 < n → seqZ m n = m :: seqZ (Z.succ m) (Z.pred n).
intros H. unfold seqZ. replace n with (Z.succ (Z.pred n)) at 1 by lia.
rewrite Z2Nat.inj_succ by lia. f_equal/=.
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