Commit c3979536 authored by Jacques-Henri Jourdan's avatar Jacques-Henri Jourdan
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Accessor for big op on lists.

parent c65aad41
......@@ -229,6 +229,16 @@ Section list.
(big_opL (M:=uPredUR M) l).
Proof. intros f g Hf. apply big_opL_forall; apply _ || intros; apply Hf. Qed.
Lemma big_sepL_lookup_acc Φ l i x :
l !! i = Some x
([ list] ky l, Φ k y) Φ i x (Φ i x - ([ list] ky l, Φ k y)).
intros Hli. apply big_sep_elem_of_acc. revert Φ l Hli.
induction i as [|? IH]=>Φ [] //= y l; rewrite imap_cons.
- intros [=->]. constructor.
- intros ?. constructor. by apply (IH (_ S)).
Lemma big_sepL_lookup Φ l i x :
l !! i = Some x ([ list] ky l, Φ k y) Φ i x.
Proof. intros. apply uPred_included. by apply: big_opL_lookup. Qed.
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