Commit a9f7431c authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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Coq 8.6: silence some warnings

parent d528b812
# Makefile originally taken from coq-club
# Determine Coq version
COQ_VERSION=$(shell coqc --version | egrep -o 'version 8.[0-9]' | egrep -o '8.[0-9]')
ifeq ($(COQ_VERSION), 8.6)
COQ_MAKEFILE_FLAGS += -arg -w -arg -notation-overridden,-redundant-canonical-projection
%: Makefile.coq phony
+@make -f Makefile.coq $@
......@@ -11,7 +17,7 @@ clean: Makefile.coq
rm -f Makefile.coq
Makefile.coq: _CoqProject Makefile
coq_makefile -f _CoqProject | sed 's/$$(COQCHK) $$(COQCHKFLAGS) $$(COQLIBS)/$$(COQCHK) $$(COQCHKFLAGS) $$(subst -Q,-R,$$(COQLIBS))/' \
coq_makefile $(COQ_MAKEFILE_FLAGS) -f _CoqProject | sed 's/$$(COQCHK) $$(COQCHKFLAGS) $$(COQLIBS)/$$(COQCHK) $$(COQCHKFLAGS) $$(subst -Q,-R,$$(COQLIBS))/' \
| sed '/^install:$$/a \\tif [ -d "$$(DSTROOT)"$$(COQLIBINSTALL)/iris/ ]; then find "$$(DSTROOT)"$$(COQLIBINSTALL)/iris/ -name "*.vo" -print -delete; fi' > Makefile.coq
_CoqProject: ;
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