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Definition of FromPure that is symmetric w.r.t. IntoPure.

parent a155cf62
......@@ -30,13 +30,16 @@ Proof. by rewrite /IntoPure discrete_valid. Qed.
(* FromPure *)
Global Instance from_pure_pure φ : @FromPure M ( φ) φ.
Proof. intros ?. by apply pure_intro. Qed.
Proof. done. Qed.
Global Instance from_pure_eq {A : cofeT} (a b : A) : @FromPure M (a b) (a b).
Proof. intros ->. apply eq_refl. Qed.
Proof. rewrite /FromPure. eapply pure_elim; [done|]=> ->. apply eq_refl'. Qed.
Global Instance from_pure_valid {A : cmraT} (a : A) : @FromPure M ( a) ( a).
Proof. intros ?. by apply valid_intro. Qed.
rewrite /FromPure. eapply pure_elim; [done|]=> ?.
rewrite -valid_intro //. auto with I.
Global Instance from_pure_rvs P φ : FromPure P φ FromPure (|=r=> P) φ.
Proof. intros ??. by rewrite -rvs_intro (from_pure P). Qed.
Proof. rewrite /FromPure=> ->. apply rvs_intro. Qed.
(* IntoPersistentP *)
Global Instance into_persistentP_always_trans P Q :
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Global Arguments from_assumption _ _ _ {_}.
Class IntoPure (P : uPred M) (φ : Prop) := into_pure : P φ.
Global Arguments into_pure : clear implicits.
Class FromPure (P : uPred M) (φ : Prop) := from_pure : φ True P.
Class FromPure (P : uPred M) (φ : Prop) := from_pure : φ P.
Global Arguments from_pure : clear implicits.
Class IntoPersistentP (P Q : uPred M) := into_persistentP : P Q.
......@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ Proof. by rewrite -(False_elim Q). Qed.
(** * Pure *)
Lemma tac_pure_intro Δ Q (φ : Prop) : FromPure Q φ φ Δ Q.
Proof. intros ??. rewrite -(from_pure Q) //. apply True_intro. Qed.
Proof. intros ??. rewrite -(from_pure Q). by apply pure_intro. Qed.
Lemma tac_pure Δ Δ' i p P φ Q :
envs_lookup_delete i Δ = Some (p, P, Δ') IntoPure P φ
......@@ -495,7 +495,8 @@ Lemma tac_specialize_assert_pure Δ Δ' j q R P1 P2 φ Q :
φ (Δ' Q) Δ Q.
intros. rewrite envs_simple_replace_sound //; simpl.
by rewrite right_id (into_wand R) -(from_pure P1) // wand_True wand_elim_r.
rewrite right_id (into_wand R) -(from_pure P1) pure_equiv //.
by rewrite wand_True wand_elim_r.
Lemma tac_specialize_assert_persistent Δ Δ' Δ'' j q P1 P2 R Q :
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ Context `{irisG Λ Σ}.
Implicit Types P Q : iProp Σ.
Global Instance from_pure_pvs E P φ : FromPure P φ FromPure (|={E}=> P) φ.
Proof. intros ??. by rewrite -pvs_intro (from_pure P). Qed.
Proof. rewrite /FromPure. intros <-. apply pvs_intro. Qed.
Global Instance from_assumption_pvs E p P Q :
FromAssumption p P (|=r=> Q) FromAssumption p P (|={E}=> Q)%I.
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