Commit 455ff410 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Simplify proofs of agreement.

parent c55ce76d
......@@ -58,25 +58,10 @@ Next Obligation. naive_solver eauto using agree_valid_S, dist_S. Qed.
Global Instance agree_unit : Unit (agree A) := id.
Global Instance agree_minus : Minus (agree A) := λ x y, x.
Global Instance agree_included : Included (agree A) := λ x y, y x y.
Instance: Associative () (@op (agree A) _).
intros x y z; split; [split|done].
* intros (?&(?&?&Hyz)&Hxy); repeat (intros (?&?&?) || intro || split);
eauto using agree_valid_le; try apply Hxy; auto.
etransitivity; [by apply Hxy|by apply Hyz].
* intros ((?&?&Hxy)&?&Hxz); repeat split;
try apply Hxy; eauto using agree_valid_le;
by etransitivity; [symmetry; apply Hxy|apply Hxz];
repeat (intro || split); eauto using agree_valid_le; apply Hxy; auto.
Instance: Commutative () (@op (agree A) _).
intros x y; split; [split|intros n (?&?&Hxy); apply Hxy; auto];
intros (?&?&Hxy); repeat split; eauto using agree_valid_le;
intros n' ??; symmetry; apply Hxy; eauto using agree_valid_le.
Proof. intros x y; split; [naive_solver|by intros n (?&?&Hxy); apply Hxy]. Qed.
Definition agree_idempotent (x : agree A) : x x x.
Proof. split; [split;[by intros (?&?&?)|done]|done]. Qed.
Proof. split; naive_solver. Qed.
Instance: x : agree A, Proper (dist n ==> dist n) (op x).
intros n x y1 y2 [Hy' Hy]; split; [|done].
......@@ -89,7 +74,12 @@ Qed.
Instance: Proper (dist n ==> dist n ==> dist n) op.
Proof. by intros n x1 x2 Hx y1 y2 Hy; rewrite Hy,!(commutative _ _ y2), Hx. Qed.
Instance: Proper (() ==> () ==> ()) op := ne_proper_2 _.
Instance: Associative () (@op (agree A) _).
intros x y z; split; simpl; intuition;
repeat match goal with H : agree_is_valid _ _ |- _ => clear H end;
by cofe_subst; rewrite !agree_idempotent.
Global Instance agree_cmra : CMRA (agree A).
split; try (apply _ || done).
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