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HOCAP specs for the counter

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From reloc Require Export reloc.
From reloc.lib Require Export counter.
From iris.algebra Require Export auth frac excl.
From Require Export fractional.
From iris.base_logic.lib Require Export auth.
Class cnt_hocapG Σ := CntG {
cnt_hocapG_inG :> authG Σ (optionUR (prodR fracR (agreeR natO)));
Definition cnt_hocapΣ := authΣ (optionUR (prodR fracR (agreeR natO))).
Instance sub_cnt {Σ} : subG cnt_hocapΣ Σ cnt_hocapG Σ.
Proof. solve_inG. Qed.
Section cnt_model.
Context `{!cnt_hocapG Σ}.
Definition cnt_auth γ (n : nat) := (own γ ( Some (1%Qp, to_agree n)))%I.
Definition cnt γ (q : frac) (n : nat) :=
(own γ ( (Some (q, to_agree n))))%I.
Global Instance cnt_fractional γ n :
Fractional (λ q, cnt γ q n).
Proof. rewrite /cnt.
intros p q. iSplit.
- by iDestruct 1 as "[$ $]".
- iDestruct 1 as "[H1 H2]". by iCombine "H1 H2" as "H".
Global Instance cnt_as_fractional γ n q :
AsFractional (cnt γ q n) (λ q, cnt γ q n) q.
Proof. split. done. apply _. Qed.
Global Instance cnt_timeless γ n q :
Timeless (cnt γ q n).
Proof. apply _. Qed.
Global Instance cnt_auth_timeless γ n :
Timeless (cnt_auth γ n).
Proof. apply _. Qed.
Lemma new_cnt n :
|==> γ, cnt_auth γ n cnt γ 1 n.
rewrite /cnt_auth /cnt.
iMod (own_alloc ( (Some (1%Qp, to_agree n))
(Some (1%Qp, to_agree n)))) as (γ) "H".
{ apply auth_both_valid. split; done. }
iModIntro. iExists γ. by rewrite -own_op.
Lemma cnt_update k γ n m :
cnt_auth γ n - cnt γ 1 m
cnt_auth γ k cnt γ 1 k.
apply (bi.wand_intro_r (cnt_auth γ n)).
rewrite /cnt /cnt_auth - !own_op.
apply own_update. apply auth_update, option_local_update.
by apply exclusive_local_update.
Lemma cnt_agree γ q1 q2 n m :
cnt γ q1 n - cnt γ q2 m - n = m.
iIntros "H1 H2".
iDestruct (own_valid_2 with "H1 H2") as %Hfoo.
iPureIntro. revert Hfoo.
rewrite -auth_frag_op -Some_op -pair_op.
rewrite auth_frag_valid Some_valid.
by intros [_ foo%agree_op_invL']%pair_valid.
Lemma cnt_agree_2 γ q n m :
cnt_auth γ n - cnt γ q m - n = m.
apply bi.wand_intro_r. rewrite /cnt /cnt_auth - !own_op.
iIntros "H". iDestruct (own_valid with "H") as %Hfoo.
iPureIntro; revert Hfoo.
rewrite auth_both_valid.
intros [[_ foo%to_agree_included]%Some_pair_included_total_2 _].
by unfold_leibniz.
End cnt_model.
Section cnt_spec.
Context `{!cnt_hocapG Σ, !relocG Σ}.
Variable (N : namespace).
Definition Cnt (v : val) (γ : gname) : iProp Σ :=
l : loc, v = #l inv N ( n : nat, l #n cnt_auth γ n).
Lemma Cnt_alloc (E : coPset) (m : nat) (l : loc) :
(l #m) ={E}= γ, Cnt #l γ cnt γ 1 m.
iIntros "Hl".
iMod (new_cnt m) as (γ) "[Ha Hc]".
iMod (inv_alloc N _ ( n : nat, l #n cnt_auth γ n)%I
with "[-Hc]") as "#H".
{ eauto with iFrame. }
iModIntro. iExists _; iFrame. iExists _; iSplit; eauto with iFrame.
(** We are going to make use of an alternative invariant opening rule: *)
Lemma inv_open_cow (E E' : coPset) M P :
M E M E'
inv M P ={E,E∖↑M}= P ( P ={E'∖↑M,E'}= True).
iIntros (? ?) "#Hinv".
iMod (inv_acc_strong E M with "Hinv") as "[HP Hcl]"; first done.
iFrame. iIntros "!> HP".
iMod ("Hcl" $! E' M with "HP") as "_".
rewrite -union_difference_L; eauto.
(** This specification for the increment function allows us to
1) derive the "standard" lifting of unary HOCAP specification
(by picking E = ∅)
2) prove the refinement w.r.t. coarse-grained counter
(by picking E = ↑counterN) *)
Lemma cnt_increment_l E c γ K e A :
E ## N
Cnt c γ -
( n : nat, cnt_auth γ n ={∖↑N, ∖↑NE}=
cnt_auth γ (n+1) REL fill K (of_val #n) << e @ (E): A) -
REL fill K (FG_increment c) << e : A.
iIntros (?).
iDestruct 1 as (l ->) "#Hcnt". iIntros "Hvs".
iLöb as "IH". rel_rec_l. rel_load_l_atomic.
iInv N as (n) "[Hl Ha]" "Hcl". iModIntro.
iExists #n. iFrame "Hl"; iIntros "!> Hl".
iMod ("Hcl" with "[Hl Ha]") as "_".
{ iNext. iExists _; by iFrame. }
rel_pures_l. rel_cmpxchg_l_atomic.
iMod (inv_acc_strong with "Hcnt") as "[>Hcnt' Hcl]"; first by solve_ndisj.
iDestruct "Hcnt'" as (m) "[Hl Ha]".
iModIntro. iExists _. iFrame "Hl". iSplit; iIntros (?) "!> Hl".
- rel_pures_l.
iMod ("Hcl" with "[Hl Ha]") as "_".
{ iNext. iExists _. iFrame. }
rewrite -union_difference_L; last done.
by iApply "IH".
- rel_pures_l. simplify_eq/=.
iMod ("Hvs" with "Ha") as "[Ha Href]".
iMod ("Hcl" with "[Ha Hl]") as "_".
{ iNext.
assert ((1 + Z.of_nat n)%Z = Z.of_nat (n + 1)) as -> by lia.
iExists _; by iFrame. }
assert ( N E = E N) as -> by set_solver.
rewrite -union_difference_L; last set_solver.
End cnt_spec.
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