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Simplify `revoke_offer_l` further

parent 26051162
......@@ -229,22 +229,19 @@ Section refinement.
(** First we have the revoke_offer symbolic execution rule specialized for helping.
This is also the only place where we need to unfold the definition of the refinement proposition. *)
(* DF: Can this be simplified ? *)
Lemma revoke_offer_l γ off E K (v : val) e1 e2 A :
offer_token γ -
( j K', (j fill K' e1) - is_offer γ off (j fill K' e1) (j fill K' e2)) -
( j K', is_offer γ off (j fill K' e1) (j fill K' e2) ={E, , E}=
( j K', (j fill K' e1) ={E, , E}=
is_offer γ off (j fill K' e1) (j fill K' e2)
(is_offer γ off (j fill K' e1) (j fill K' e2) -
((REL fill K (of_val NONEV) << e2 @ E : A)
(REL fill K (of_val $ SOMEV v) << e1 @ E : A)))) -
REL fill K (revoke_offer (v, #off)%V) << e1 @ E : A.
iIntros "Hγ Hoff Hlog".
iIntros "Hγ Hlog".
rewrite {3}refines_eq /refines_def.
iIntros (j K') "#Hs Hj".
iSpecialize ("Hoff" with "Hj").
iMod ("Hlog" with "Hoff") as "Hlog".
iMod ("Hlog" with "Hj") as "Hlog".
iModIntro. iApply wp_bind. (* TODO: why do we have to use wp_bind here? *)
wp_apply (wp_revoke_offer with "Hγ [-]").
iNext. iMod "Hlog" as "[Hoff Hcont]". iModIntro.
......@@ -527,10 +524,8 @@ Section refinement.
iIntros "Hmb".
rel_apply_l (revoke_offer_l with "Htok [Hoff]").
{ iIntros (j K') "Hj". iApply ("Hoff" with "Hj"). }
iIntros (j K') "Hoff".
rel_apply_l (revoke_offer_l with "Htok").
iIntros (j K') "Hj". iSpecialize ("Hoff" with "Hj").
iDestruct (offerInv_excl with "HN Hoff") as %?.
iMod (offerReg_alloc off h2 γ j K' with "HNown") as "[HNown #Hfrag]"; eauto.
iMod ("Hcl" with "[-]") as "_".
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