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changelog for comparison changes

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......@@ -43,7 +43,11 @@ Changes in heap_lang:
typically provided in systems languages (C, C++, Rust).
The comparison by this operation also got weakened to be efficiently
implementable: CmpXchg may only be used to compare "unboxed" values that can
be represented in a single machine word.
be represented in a single machine word. It is sufficient if one of the two
compared values is unboxed.
* For consistency, the restrictions CmpXchg imposes on comparison also apply to
the `=` binary operator. This also fixes the long-standing problem that that
operator allowed compared closures with each other.
* Implement prophecy variables using the new support for "observations".
* heap_lang now uses right-to-left evaluation order. This makes it
significantly easier to write specifications of curried functions.
......@@ -56,10 +60,6 @@ Changes in heap_lang:
* heap_lang now has support for allocating, accessing and reasoning about arrays
(continuously allocated regions of memory).
* One can now assign "meta" data to heap_lang locations.
* For comparison operation (the binary operator and CmpXchg), all closures are
"normalized" to the same. This makes all closures indistinguishable from each
other while remaining unqueal to anything else. We also use the same
"normalization" to make sure all prophecy variables seem equal to `()`.
Changes in Coq:
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