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......@@ -19,9 +19,30 @@ CONTENTS
Our artifact is a Coq formalization of the model of our Iris logic,
together with a proof of adequacy (establishing that the model is
faithful wrt the operational semantics), and a proof of soundness of
faithful wrt the operational semantics) and a proof of soundness of
the primitive rules of the logic wrt the model.
NOTE: We have just mechanized the *soundness* of the *primitive*
rules of Iris in Coq. We have not mechanized the proofs of derived
rules (i.e. those derivable from the primitive rules), nor have we
mechanized the case study or other examples that are proven within
the logic. Proof outlines for the latter are given in the appendix
that accompanied the POPL submission, and will be fleshed out even
further for the final version of the appendix.
The reason we focused on the primitive rules is that those are the
rules whose soundness is proven by direct appeal to the semantic
model of Iris. For space reasons, we did not want to present the
semantic model of Iris in any detail in the paper, but we still
wanted to give the reader confidence in the results of the paper.
With our Coq mechanization in hand, the reader can safely ignore the
semantic model and instead focus on how to *use* the primitive rules
of the logic (to derive more sophisticated rules or prove
interesting examples).
Mechanizing Iris proofs is a very interesting and important
direction for future work, but it is beyond the scope of the paper.
The folder is organized as follows:
......@@ -90,3 +111,4 @@ OVERVIEW OF LEMMAS
Fork htFork
The main adequacy result is expressed by Theorem soundness_obs.
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