Commit 593cc6fe authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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update build-all for _REPO variables

parent 25132073
......@@ -15,14 +15,14 @@ if not "GITLAB_TOKEN" in os.environ:
if not "IRIS_REV" in os.environ:
print("Please set IRIS_REV, STDPP_REV, ORC11_REV and GPFSL_REV environment variables to the branch/tag/commit of the respective project that you want to use.")
print("Only IRIS_REV is mandatory, the rest defaults to 'master'.")
print("Only IRIS_REV is mandatory, the rest defaults to the default git branch.")
{ 'name': 'lambda-rust', 'branch': 'master', 'vars': ['STDPP_REV', 'IRIS_REV'] },
{ 'name': 'lambda-rust', 'branch': 'masters/weak_mem', 'vars': ['STDPP_REV', 'IRIS_REV', 'ORC11_REV', 'GPFSL_REV'] }, # covers GPFSL and ORC11
{ 'name': 'examples', 'branch': 'master', 'vars': ['STDPP_REV', 'IRIS_REV'] },
{ 'name': 'examples', 'branch': 'master', 'vars': ['STDPP_REPO', 'STDPP_REV', 'IRIS_REPO', 'IRIS_REV'] },
{ 'name': 'iron', 'branch': 'master', 'vars': ['STDPP_REV', 'IRIS_REV'] },
{ 'name': 'reloc', 'branch': 'master', 'vars': ['STDPP_REV', 'IRIS_REV'] },
{ 'name': 'spygame', 'branch': 'master', 'vars': ['STDPP_REV', 'IRIS_REV'] },
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ for project in PROJECTS:
url = "{}/pipeline".format(id)
json = {
'ref': project['branch'],
'variables': list(map(lambda var: { 'key': var, 'value': os.environ.get(var, "master") }, project['vars'])),
'variables': [{ 'key': var, 'value': os.environ[var] } for var in project['vars'] if var in os.environ],
r =, headers={'PRIVATE-TOKEN': GITLAB_TOKEN}, json=json)
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