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......@@ -14,8 +14,6 @@ Changes in the theory of Iris itself:
* Add weakest preconditions for total program correctness.
* "(Potentially) stuck" weakest preconditions and the "plainly modality" are no
longer considered experimental.
* The adequacy statement for weakest preconditions now also involves the
final state.
* Add the notion of an "observation" to the language interface, so that
every reduction step can optionally be marked with an event, and an execution
trace has a matching list of events. Change WP so that it is told the entire
......@@ -28,8 +26,10 @@ Changes in the theory of Iris itself:
* Extend the state interpretation with a natural number that keeps track of
the number of forked-off threads, and have a global fixed proposition that
describes the postcondition of each forked-off thread (instead of it being
`True`). Additionally, there is a stronger variant of the adequacy theorem
that allows to make use of the postconditions of the forked-off threads.
* `[#]` A stronger adequacy statement for weakest preconditions that involves
the final state, involves the post-condition of forked-off threads, and also
applies if the main-thread has not terminated.
* The user-chosen functor used to instantiate the Iris logic now goes from
COFEs to Cameras (it was OFEs to Cameras).
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