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support GitLab MR syntax for setting std++/Iris repo and rev

parent 593cc6fe
......@@ -6,8 +6,21 @@ import requests
# against a branch of your choice.
# Set the GITLAB_TOKEN environment variable to a GitLab access token.
# Set at least one of IRIS_REV or STDPP_REV to control which branches of these projects to build against
# (default to `master`).
# (default to default git branch). IRIS_REPO and STDPP_REPO can be used to take branches from forks.
# Setting IRIS to "user:branch" will use the given branch on that user's fork of Iris, and similar for STDPP.
# Pre-processing: we support setting `PROJECT` to `user:branch` (GitLab MR syntax),
# which will set `PROJECT_REPO` and `PROJECT_REV` automatically.
def preprocess_repo_rev(project):
var = project.upper()
if var in os.environ:
(repo, rev) = os.environ[var].split(':')
os.environ[var+"_REPO"] = repo + "/" + project
os.environ[var+"_REV"] = rev
# Check if everything is set
if not "GITLAB_TOKEN" in os.environ:
print("You need to set the GITLAB_TOKEN environment variable to a GitLab access token.")
print("You can create such tokens at <>.")
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